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And the winner is ...

Percy is just busting at the seams. He wants to reveal the name of the winner of the Susan Branch autographed book.

So, without further ado...

Laura Jenkins! You are the winner of the Susan Branch autographed book. I used the trusty random number generator to pick a winner.

Congratulations Laura, please email me your address. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Susan Branch's birthday and a blog giveaway

Today is Susan Branch's birthday. If you read my blog often you will know I am a big fan of Susan's. Susan and I have much in common. We both love animals and we have lookalike cats. Her Jack really looks like my Oscar. We are both foodies, love England and tea, and then of course there's Martha's Vineyard. She lives there and I would love to have even a Summer home there.

I met Susan twice at two book signings. Last Summer, I met her in Sandwich, Massachusetts for the signing of her book, "A Fine Romance".  Here's the original book with Susan's handwriting. Susan's husband let me get a peek at it.

So since it's Susan's birthday, I thought I would celebrate by giving away a copy of this book. I bought an extra copy at the book signing and I told her I was going to give it away on my blog.

So, here's what you need to do. Leave a comment on this post. I am not going to make you follow my blog but I do hope you will come back. I'll d…

The subject is Selfies

Percy fancies himself a model. So when I caught him with my phone in his paw I knew I needed to teach him proper selfie technique.

First, I told him to find your light. Your face always looks better in the light.

We decided to go with a soft filter on Instagram to soften our wrinkles.

I think he's got it! Just a little more to the left.

Oops, I think we moved. Practice will make perfect and I am sure he will get his whole face in the shot very soon.

I decided selfies are fun. When I met a friend for coffee, we took a selfie. And tonight at my sister's art reception, we went all out and did our best imitation of the famous Ellen selfie. Ellen I hope you are reading this. So how about you? Do you selfie?