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I can be a little showy

It's hard for me to define my decorating style . I guess maybe it's Estate Sale Chic. I do know I am a bit showy.

This crystally lamp on the dining room mantel has a lot of bling to it. The lamp is small so the bling is tolerable.

The base of the blingy lamp is very decorative. I like the base as much as the crystal tendrils.

Here's the entire lamp. I bought it from an antique store and I thought it just needed a new bulb. It actually needed work on the plug. My Dad was able to fix it so it wasn't a major problem.

Here's a close-up of the front of the mantel. I've mentioned before that it needs a paint job.  Looks like someone had tried to distress it and they did a poor job.

The vintage frame is also ornate and a little shabby. Just how I like it.

On my nightstand, there is a lamp with a marble base. It's topped by a fraying lampshade that has beading on it, I believe it is from the 1940's. The little telephone table turned nightstand was a $10 yard …

Spring 2014 Bucket List

This photo was taken in 2010. It reminds me of England but I actually took this shot next door to my favorite breakfast spot, Aroma Café in Reading, Massachusetts.  Anyway I think it is perfect for a post about Spring.

Each season I put pen to paper and make a list of things I want to do that season. I never complete everything on the list but it's fun to dream. If I don't complete my list I don't beat myself up. I just keep it in mind for the future.

So here it is, in no particular order, my 2014 Spring Bucket List:

1. Visit the new Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. With more than 30 food trucks and a fantastically artistic new carousel I need to check it out!

2.  Daytrip to Exeter, New Hampshire. The always fabulous Art n Tiques shop and a german iced coffee are calling to me.

3. An afternoon in Nantasket. I want to photograph the carousel at Paragon Park, play skeeball in the arcade, and eat lunch at Strawberry Fair in Norwell. Have you ever had strawberry butter? One w…

Memories of Ireland

In 1996 my Dad and I took a trip to Ireland. My Dad had turned 70 that year. He said, "I want to see Ireland before I croak". 

My Mom and sister stayed home. Dad and I took the grand tour. Galway, Dublin, Ring of Kerry, Belfast.  We stayed in a wonderful B&B and made friends with our tour group. Dad was excited to golf in Ireland and I met a longtime Irish pen pal.

Dad has travelled back to Ireland since that trip. Maybe I will go back sometime too. I have fond memories of the Emerald Isle.

Wishing everyone a Happy St Patrick's Day!

My take on photography

As a Board Member of the local Chamber of Commerce, I am supposed to volunteer my time.  Some of our Board Members work on the finance committee or conduct membership drives. I photograph events for the Chamber.

Yesterday, there was a ribbon cutting, ho hum! Not the most exciting thing to photograph. Usually a handful of people show up, all related to the new business owner. I am sure it is momentous for them and of course I am happy they are starting a new venture but, for me, it's basically photographing a lineup.

I got everyone assembled on the front steps. This is a yoga studio and inside was not really an option once I saw the number of people to be in the photo. I took the traditional photo. I always take several shots at pretty much the same angle. People blink, move, talk and everyone needs to look good in a photo for the newspaper. For example, someone has her eyes closed in the first row in the photo above.

Next, the woman has opened her eyes, I can see the new business…