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Tea sampling from a samovar

I'm just catching up on some activities of the past weeks. I follow Jolie Tea Company on Facebook and recently they posted that they were having a tea tasting of their Doctor Zhivago blend. They were pouring the tea from a samovar. Unfortunately, I only found out about the event the day before and I had a few things to do the day of the tasting. I had to miss it.

A few weeks later, they posted that they were going to have a tasting of their Russian Caravan tea from a samovar in honor of the Sochi Olympics. I made a point to visit the shop for that sampling.

I met the shop's owner and she was delightful. I love her enthusiasm and passion for tea. I told her I wished I could have been there for the Doctor Zhivago blend sampling but I had been busy that day and there was also a snow storm that day.  She said yes, it had snowed and it was magical and so perfect to have a snowfall during the tea tasting.

I really enjoyed my cup of Russian Caravan. It was not as strong or smoky as …

Shipping out of Boston - a family gathering

Saturday afternoon was warm, like 50 degrees warm. A sunshiny spectacular day. It was a perfect day for a family gathering.

My cousin Beth, her husband Dana, and their children moved to their new home in January. This could have been a housewarming party but it was actually a gathering to wish my cousin Colin well  Tomorrow he joins the US Marine Corps.

The appetizers from the caterer Saltbox Farm of Concord were delicious. We had mini blts, shrimp and flatbreads.

Here's the full menu. So many delectable dishes. I had a sample of each.

I ate this so fast I did not even notice it was a braised lamb flatbread. I can tell you it was very good.

Our chef got straight to work on the pasta. I always like to watch a chef cook. They do it all with such ease.

Dana and my Uncle Al were deep in conversation. My Aunt was unable to make the trip down from Maine.

Here's my Uncle Al and my Dad.

And meet the newest member of Beth and Dana's family, Bailey. I instantly fell in love. She i…

Photographing The Norton Affair - My first wedding shoot

When our server at the Aroma Café asked me if I would be her wedding photographer I laughed.
"Oh I can't." I said, " I've never photographed a wedding!" Then she told me the wedding would be small, only about 40 people and so I reluctantly agreed.

This was a DIY wedding for sure. The bride had a vision of a rustic wedding and she was going to create it herself.

The tables were made from wood pallets that she picked up at a construction company. She filed in the open spaces with more wood, The burlap placemats were made by a friend,

Lace curtain panels were used to cover chairs that were purchased from a local church.

The event, dubbed The Norton Affair, had so many special touches. Glass carafes were filled with candy and goldfish crackers.

This was one of the earliest shots I took. I was testing out my flash. I have to say when I entered the space I was awestruck. The ceremony and reception took place in a warehouse. The space was totally transformed wit…