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Mood elevators

Yesterday, I had lunch with my sister at a fantastic restaurant called Bobby C's. I took a photo because the scene was so lovely.

I told my sister that dining al fresco was a mood elevator for me. We laughed about it but it's true. The weather was perfect and just sitting outside relaxing over lunch made me happy. I decided the subject was worth discussing and should become a blog post.

So, dining al fresco = mood elevator.

I love it when I capture a special moment with my camera. Sometimes it's just serendipitous that you happen upon a moment. This shot was taken at the family reunion I photographed a few weeks ago.

So, capturing special moments= mood elevator.

The perfect find is a mood elevator. I found these fantastic Tracy Porter dishes and trays at an estate auction a few years ago. I always view auctions as hit or miss but this particular auction was a definite hit. I get a high from finding items that are uniquely me but have had a history before I possessed them.

A Mid Summer Night's Stroll

I attended the second annual Summer Stroll in Melrose on Friday night. We were blessed with picture perfect weather.

Main Street is shut down from 6PM-9PM so strollers can visit the local businesses along Main Street. Gift stores, boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants were all open and having sales and promotions.

Dining al fresco was a popular activity at the Stroll. Restaurants that normally don't have outdoor seating were allowed to create small cafes on the sidewalk.

Then there was the takeout crowd. Want some shrimp cocktail on the run?  No problem. Turner's Seafood had it covered. They had a streetside raw bar. There were four legged strollers too and they were welcome to take in the sights as well. I was the event photographer for the Chamber of Commerce at the Stroll. It's a fun job but someone has to do it. I ran into my friend, Pam and her daughter Nicole as I walked the length of Main Street. My sister participated too. She did some live event sketching of th…

Summer Bucket List 2014

Will it be another staycation this Summer or something more exciting? Well, no big plans for the moment and here it is mid-July. In fact, I just created my Summer Bucket List for 2014. Mind you I did not even complete my Spring Bucket List but that's ok. It is not a competition.

I would love to add a mini vacation to Martha's Vineyard to my list but my room at my favorite Inn  is booked for Illumination Night  (that is the night of all nights to be on the Vineyard). I wanted to attend the event but I waited too long to book accommodations. There is one high priced "apartment" at the Inn available. My brain says you should not be that frivolous but my heart says go for it. Maybe there will be a cancellation of a more reasonably priced room. It better happen soon, there are catsitters to be booked and vacation days to be requested.

So here's the Summer Bucket List  Calendar for 2014:

1. Waterfire in Providence
2. Rockport fireworks August 9th- Done
3. Ocean Park …

Sunday Breakfast at Wimbledon

It's that time of year. Time for my Wimbledon Breakfast party. Happens every July. Right around the time we celebrate our American holiday I am celebrating the very British tennis tournament.

I took a couple of pics before everyone arrived. First, the table setting. A white estate sale tablecloth, my sister's Harrod's teapot, a Harrods tea tin filled with purple and pink flowers.

 Everyone went home with a favor like this one. A small tin of loose English Breakfast Tea from Soluna of Winchester. What a great tea shop!
 I stood on a chair to get this shot for you. Aerial views are the best!

 And another one. A better view of the tea tin turned vase. The flowers on the favors are fake. I spent a total of 98 cents on them at Michael's.

I made overnight baked French toast for the main course. It's so easy and delicious. Prepare it the night before and bake the next morning. The small plates with the green edging are from an antique store, the outside from Valerie Parr…