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Repurposed Heaven-Vintage Bazaar, Summer 2014

Last Sunday, I went to the Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Last year, I went to the one in the Fall so this year I thought I might enjoy the Summer market.

There were so many vendors covering the fields. I knew I could not cover it all in the time allotted. Of course, I was stopping to take photos and talk to the vendors so I know I missed so much.

I love ornate furniture and this one was clearly repainted and distressed. Great green color and love the knob and hardware.

What a cute idea, combining two chairs to make a bench. Fabulous color too!

I wanted this vintage moped! How adorable! I asked the vendor about it. He said it was from 1968 and he wanted $1200 for it. It would have been fabulous to tool around Boston with it but I had to say no.

I did buy one of these steampunked shoe lasts. I think it would make a great business card holder.

This is so funny. Wouldn't this yield table be perfect for a high traffic area of the home? The guy that mad…

Sailing the high seas- A Sunset Lighthouse Cruise

A sunset lighthouse cruise has been on my bucket list for a while now. So when I realized there was one happening just over the border in New Hampshire I jumped on it. By jumped on it, I mean I emailed my sister and strongly hinted that a ticket to the sunset lighthouse cruise would make a really nice birthday gift.

Luckily she agreed and she bought a ticket for herself as well.

 I left work early to beat the Friday night traffic heading north. I packed a small dinner for the two of us and some extra jackets. I am definitely glad I had the extra layers with me. It was quite chilly out on the open seas.

The boat left Rye Harbor around 7:00 on a picture perfect night. There was a nice breeze that was not too strong. The weather was what I call sweater weather. We seriously could not have asked for a better night. My sister was saying she hoped the sunset cooperated because there was not much cloud cover. Sunsets are so much more interesting with clouds.

We cruised along at a good pace …

Celebrating all weekend

Today is my birthday and it is also Father's Day. I was actually born on Father's Day so it is kind of neat that my birthday falls on the holiday again this year. I decided to celebrate all weekend.

When I went outside Saturday morning, I could not believe how our condo garden has grown. This is my neighbor Emily's doing not mine, but I benefit since the best of the little garden is right outside my window. The flowers bloomed beautifully for my birthday weekend.

Molly is enjoying her new kidney diet and her coat is looking great. That is a nice birthday present that Molly is healthy.

We practiced selfies. Percy gets jealous. He likes all the attention. We decided to have my birthday on Saturday so Dad could have his day on Sunday. My sister took me out for brunch on Saturday. We both went with the Eggs Florentine.
After we had brunch I went to visit my Mom at the nursing home. Afterwards I had to go to Molly's vet's to buy her special food.  This chapel is on the…