Friday, August 30, 2013

The Belfry Inne- Cape Cod

When I read about the Belfry Inne of Sandwich, Massachusetts in Yankee Magazine in 2012 I knew I just had to stay there at some point in my life. So it went on the secret bucket list.

This Summer, I found out that Susan Branch was doing a book signing at the Sandwich Town Hall this August. I immediately booked rooms at the Belfry for my sister and myself.

Here's what Yankee Magazine said about the Belfry Inne:

Belfry Inne & Bistro, Sandwich
A restored Victorian manse and a pleasingly formal Federal-era house are part of this bustling B&B complex, but the most dramatic rooms are found in “the Abbey,” a converted Catholic church on the edge of Sandwich village. A few even have stained-glass windows depicting archangels Michael and Gabriel, and most have church-pew beds. The bistro occupies the Abbey’s ground level. Rates: from $179, including full breakfast. 8 Jarves St. 800-844-4542, 508-888-8550;

After reading that description you want to go now too, don't you? I must say it did not disappoint.

The patio outside the bistro was lovely and perfect for a relaxing lunch. We had breakfast each morning in the converted church. (It was included). We actually stayed in the Painted Lady as the Abbey rooms were more pricey.

Another view of the pretty patio. I snapped a few shots before they opened for the day.

The flowers were plentiful and huge! I noticed this all over the Town of Sandwich, flowers everywhere.

Tricia, the desk clerk and breakfast server, was kind enough to show us rooms in the Abbey. This is the Tuesday room, one of the most requested rooms in the Inne.

The bathrooms were modern and spa-like.   One of them actually had a spa in it!

Here's an overview of the bar and restaurant. The beams are still intact and spectacular.

I'm not sure if this was the choir loft or not. As you can see, the Inne is the perfect blend of old world charm and modern amenities.

All the rooms we saw had the most fantastic stained glass windows. I loved the colors used in each room as well.

How relaxing would a soak in this tub be? I could use this at the condo after a hard day at work.

The room decor was tasteful and lovingly furnished. I can attest that the beds were extremely comfortable.

Some rooms had balconies and patios. Fireplaces were in many of the rooms too. Wouldn't that be nice in the Fall?

Another shot of the many details from the original church which was built in 1901.

Here's the Painted Lady, this is where we stayed. Come back for my next post and I will have a little show and tell about it.

I need to apologize for my unintended blogging break. My computer crashed a few weeks ago so no blogging for me. I just got it fixed and I have lots to blog about so I hope you will come back to read about my end of Summer activities.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Breakfast with the koalas

I can cross one more item off my Summer Bucket list. Today I went with my sister for Breakfast with the Koalas at the Stone Zoo. The koalas are only in town for the Summer.

When I saw the event listed online I hesitated before signing up. I thought it was probably a kid's event. I am glad I took the chance.

We had a continental breakfast with bagels, muffins and donuts and fruit plus OJ, water and coffee.

Then we learned about the two koalas on loan from the San Diego Zoo, Meet Milo and Thackory, the traveling koalas. They get along with each other when they are enjoying the fresh air outside but they have to be separated when they are inside the Zoo. They might fight. So they each have their own space.

Nancy, an employee at Zoo New England, told us that koala bears sleep up to 20 hours a day and their diet consists of one thing, eucalyptus leaves.

My sister made a koala bear out of her breakfast. She is never off duty as an artist!

And I got crafty too. I joined the kids in making a koala mask. I have no idea why this photo has stripes. I assure you I did not put stripes on my koala.

We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast at the Zoo. And I overheard that there is going to be a reindeer breakfast later in the year!


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