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Playing hooky-Rockport daytrip

I took a day off from work on Wednesday and took a quick trip to Rockport. My sister went with me. We took a sidetrip to Essex too but that is for my next post.

There was a threat of afternoon showers and thunderstorms like every day lately. So we left for Rockport around 9:30 and we were at the water's edge by 10:30.We were determined to be home by the time the downpours started.

It was hot and humid but not as hot as the day before. It turned out to be just beautiful in Rockport.  We took a walk at the end of the dock and just stared at the beauty of the ocean.

I love to go to this store, Lula's Pantry. They carry specialty items and kitchenware. The store is so clean and fresh looking and well organized. We both bought some loose tea at this shop.

The back of the store has a lovely deck that faces the ocean. There are benches so you can sit and  watch the boats go by.

Here's another view from the deck. It certainly was a beauty of a day!

Flowers are everywhere. Hydran…

Summer Bucket List

My birthday was yesterday. I always think Summer does not start until my birthday. I know some people think the unofficial start of Summer is Memorial Day but for me it is June 15th.

After reading the Summer 100 list at Pop and Circumstance's blog. I got to thinking about my own Summer bucket list. I would love to have 100 items on it but I only get two weeks vacation this year so that would be too time consuming and a bit unrealistic.

So I came up with 25 things I would like to do this Summer.  Here's the list:

1.Attend Waterfire in Providence - Done! 2.Photograph koala bears at Stone Zoo- Done! 3.See a concert at Shen Liu Center in Rockport 4.Have a german iced coffee at Sugar n Ice in Exeter 5.Walk the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine 6.Take the ferry from Boston to Provincetown 7.Eat lobster BLTs at Stonewall Kitchens, York, Maine 8.Go to the Lantern Festival in Jamaica Plain 9.Eat a farm to table dinner at Whim, Smolak Farms, North Andover 10.Attend the Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill…

A trip to Waterfire

On Saturday, my sister and I and our friend Debbi drove down to Providence, Rhode Island. We went to see the spectacular event, Waterfire. It was Debbi's first time at Waterfire.

Before we walked down to the river for the festivities, we decided to have an early dinner. We stopped at Union Station Brewery. The meal was delicious. We relaxed a bit knowing we would be on our feet all evening. We decided to forego dessert until later.

I discovered the night portrait mode on my camera. It's only been two years since I bought the camera! It seemed to give me better results on some of my shots.

You can smell the smoke from the fires but it is not overwhelming. It does not dry out your eyes either. It can be mesmerizing watching the fires burn. I could watch them burn all night, in fact I did!

Paper stars were lit along the bridges crossing the river. They are part of a fundraising effort to keep the fires burning at Waterfire.

My Boston Strong Duck made the trip with us. The story …

Adventures in Catsitting

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of catsitting pretty Miss Tiger Lily.  Her parents were going on a trip to Florida and they asked me to be their catsitter. The assignment was for 5 days. Her fur was a little matted but we'll fix that.

There are two dogs in the household as well. The owner's brother took them to his house leaving Tiger Lily alone in the house.

Tiger Lily is an indoor/outdoor cat. I told the owner's I would not allow Tiger to go out on my watch. They were fine with that.

"What's this?", Tiger said. She did not agree with that at all. Of course, the weather was beautiful and Tiger really wanted to go out.

Here's her sour puss face after I told her for the eightieth time she could not go out. She was ok for the first two days but then she turned on me. She was obsessed with going out the front door.

She did, however, like to snuggle. So every day and night after she ate, she would crawl into my lap and cuddle. A few times she even fell a…