Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The beginning acts- #26acts

Remember I mentioned that I had committed to doing 26 acts of kindness?  Here's the post about it. Well I had only done one act until recently. I wanted the acts to really mean something and bring joy to the recipient so I've been taking my time and really thinking about it.

Here are acts 1-5:

1. Bought items and a cake for a birthday party for a child living in a homeless shelter.

2. Gave the guy selling newspapers outside of Dunkin Donuts a gift card. It was snowing that Sunday morning and he was clearly freezing. I thought a warm drink would do the trick but since I didn't know if he was a coffee drinker I gave him a gift card.  As I walked out, I handed him the gift card and I just said, " Coffee's on me".

3. I was driving down a street in Melrose when I saw an older woman taking groceries out of her car. She left her trunk open and headed into the house. She walked unsteadily on her snowy walk. I stopped my car behind hers and grabbed the remaining bags of groceries and closed the trunk. I carried the groceries up her front steps and put them on the top step. She was surprised to see them when she came out of the house. She thought I was a neighbor and when I said, "No, I was just driving by". She smiled and said, "Thank you dear."

4. I was doing some sales calls and I stopped for lunch at the Blue Moon Grill in Wakefield. An older woman came in and sat at a corner table by herself. The waitress brought her a menu and she ordered a salad. I decided I was going to pay for her lunch. I was almost finished and ready to pay for my meal. I overheard the woman ask the waitress if she could change her mind. I waited while she made her selection of chicken cacciatore.  The waitress gave me my check and I asked her to add the woman's meal to my bill.  She said, "Really?" She was stunned. I said, "Yes." The waitress asked if I knew the woman. I said, "No". She said, "That is wicked nice of you". I had the waitress tell the woman her check was paid after I left the restaurant. I would have loved to see her reaction but I didn't want to make a big deal of it.

5. I heard about an organization called Granite State Dog Recovery.  They are comprised of a group of volunteers who help people find their lost dogs. They do really good work and they have helped reunite a lot of dogs with their families. There is a dog who is missing in my hometown and they have been helping coordinate the search. Anyway, last week the organization had a really bad week. They had to report that one of the missing dogs was hit by a train and another one died from injuries from a fight with a neighbor's dogs. Then they found out that a woman had urinated on a feeding station they had set up for one of the lost dogs. She destroyed a blanket and the dog's food. And then someone stole one of the have a heart traps. The trap was for a large dog and it was a bolted to the ground.  Someone actually used bolt cutters to steal the trap! So, I donated enough money to purchase a new large dog trap and actually six people donated traps that day.  So something good came from all the bad.

I have to say it really does make you feel good to do something nice for perfect strangers. Most of the recipients are shocked by acts of kindness. That's kind of sad, don't you think?

I have not set a deadline for completion of the 26 acts. I think I will just contribute if and when there is a need.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A new find-Camp to Castle Consignment

It's a rare day when I don't have anything scheduled but today was that kind of day. It was snowing but the weather wasn't too bad so I ventured out to Reading.

First, breakfast at Aroma Cafe with my sister.  Then on to Camp to Castle Consignment, a fairly new store on Route 28 in Reading, Massachusetts.

Furnishings and home decor from a variety of eras were on display. This little green stove caught my eye immediately. So cute!

I wish I had room for it in my kitchen! I have a spot for it but I would have to move my antique black chest elsewhere in my condo.  The chest is good for storage too and the stove? Well not so much.

These hatboxes were adorable. I did take a second look at them but they did not go home with me.

If I had been looking for a table I would have liked this one. I am drawn to the half moon shape.

I am always on the lookout for a good tea/coffee set.  This one was a beauty!

I have a growing collection of vintage suitcases. So this one went home with me.  I love to use them as extra storage since I have a lack of closet space at home.

The previous photos I took with my phone's camera. This one I took once I got the suitcase home. It is a vintage leather Samsonite and the inside was in very nice condition.

I also collect vintage rhinestone pins. Sometimes I wear them or I use them as package toppers or napkin rings.  I might also make them into magnets. The top one is actually a belt buckle.

I also bought this set of 4 pins. I must confess I really only wanted the key pins but they were sold as a set. The candle pin is cute too.

Camp to Castle Consignment was doing a brisk business today. A young woman bought a table and a rug and a couple bought some items too. So happy to see this small business thriving in a tough economy. The owner, Lauren, told me they get new merchandise in every day so I definitely see another visit in my future.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Catching Up

Well, we're all dug out from the major storm of about 10 days ago.  This is the front walk to the condominium building where I live. My neighbors were out fairly early trying to keep ahead of the storm.

One of the boys was standing at the end of the walk on a snowbank and he was almost level with my living room window!

I could barely make out the figure of my next door neighbor who was snowblowing his driveway.

They were making pretty good progress. The snow was heavy and wet. Sometimes it is light and fluffy but not this storm.

That's my car off in the distance.  I did not think I would ever get it out with all that snow. It looked like a daunting task.

The drifts had to be 3-4 feet. The plow guy did not show and so my upstairs neighbor, my sister and I dug my car out and then shoveled in front of my neighbors garage so she could get her car out.

The boys had done the back steps.
I shot this photo from the steps.
Percy loves to watch people doing manual labor. At least, he was safe and warm during the storm.
The final tally- we think between 22 and 26.5 inches. There were conflicting reports. I do know it was the fifth worst snowstorm in Boston history.
At least, I did not lose electricity during the storm. Friday night the winds were howling and the lights were flickering. I was stressing thinking at any moment I would lose lights and the heat so I went to bed. It was still snowing in the morning and since there was a driving ban nobody was going anywhere.
We hired another plow guy and he finished what we didn't. It was about 5:00PM on Sunday . I was mobile once again and Nemo was one for the history books. Good riddance!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who can resist these Valentines?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I stayed home with my 3 Valentines tonight.  We just lazed around and watched a little TV.  Here's Oscar looking dreamy as ever!

Percy was wondering if there was going to be chocolate involved tonight. And this was his face when he found out there wasn't.

And here's Molly. She is always looking for affection. That's her paw in motion at the bottom of the photo.  If you are near her and you don't pat her, you'll get whacked by her paw. She's a leftie like me!

I hope everyone had a wildly romantic day!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I am ready for the storm

I am ready for the storm. Got my heavy blizzard boots. Cell phones and computer fully charged. Bottled water at the ready. Batteries of every size and candles ans matches set to go. I bought soup, fruit, bread, and chocolate. I'll turn the heat up a little higher just in case I lose the electricity later on.

Latest prediction 16-24 inches, 30 in some areas and historically high snow drifts of 5 feet. Hurricane force winds.  Me and my kitties are hunkering down and will ride out the storm at home.

Yes, I am ready for the storm. To all my friends in the Northeast, stay safe! And thanks to my sister for turning me on to this song. I love it! Watch and listen to the video, you'll love it too!


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