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A Chocolate Tea in Harvard Square

An invitation for a Chocolate Tea with friends?  Harvard Square? A warm, cozy eatery on a brutally cold day?  Yes, please!

So today I went to Harvard Square with my friend Kim to enjoy a chocolate tea. The location? Upstairs on the Square. We met our friend Jill there.

I liked the colors on the outside of the building. Purple is a favorite color of mine.

This was the scene when we entered the restaurant. How fun! I loved all the colors, the checkboard floor, and funky lights.

Zebra fabric on the benches, pink tables, a couple of fantastic fireplaces. What a feast for the eyes and the tummy!

These ladies were here for lunch, not afternoon tea.  Can you see the cool fireplace in the background and a balcony to the right? What an architectural wonder!

The tea was part of Harvard Square's Chocolate Festival.  Some of the businesses in Harvard Square were giving away free samples today. We did not go for the samples since we were going to the tea.

Isn't the zebra logo cute? The …

Act One of #26 acts

I joined Ann Curry's 26 acts last month. If you haven't heard of it, Ann Curry of NBC News asked her viewers to do 26 acts of kindness in memory of the 20 children and 6 teachers killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

I've been thinking about it and trying to decide how I can best honor those 26 lives. I've been following #26acts on Twitter and getting ideas from other participants. I thought I should do something to benefit children and I wanted it to be a New England organization.  I'll share the other things I do as I do them but this post is just about act one.

The photo above is of a birthday box or a birthday IN a box. I have created a birthday party in a box for a homeless child. I am donating this box with the Hello Kitty theme, of course, to Birthday Wishes. Birthday Wishes is a Massachusetts organization that brings birthday parties to children living in homeless shelters. They bring parties to nearly 100 shelters in …

A New Year's Eve Wedding

My sister was commissioned to do a live event painting for a New Year's Eve wedding. The venue was the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston. The Imperial Ballroom to be exact.  She would paint the festivities from the opera box or balcony above the room.

She usually takes a few reference photos as she can not paint all the goings on in one night.  She always finishes the painting in her studio.  For this wedding, she hired me to take the reference photos. She said her little point and shoot camera's flash would never be strong enough to record the action down below the opera box.

The ballroom was very impressive and looked like a winter wonderland.  The chandeliers were massive and exquisite!

Here's a view of the opera boxes. I took this shot before any wedding guests arrived.

With purple uplighting, the entire room was transformed into something magical and elegant.

The cake was topped with a glittery C for Caroline and Charlie, the bride and groom. The chairs were silver as were …

The Sleeper

“Time to start getting more sleep. This beautiful physique needs royal treatment.”
                                                       ― Elizabeth Rudnick, Tweet Heart

2012- the year in review

Every year I do a photo mosaic of the year in review. Wow, there's always so many pictures to go through and it's fun to reminisce when making the selections for the collage.

So here's a sampling of my year. As I look at it I realize there is a definite theme, food! I joined Weight Watchers and lost 18 pounds but still managed to be able to reward myself from time to time.

I found a new tearoom in 2012. Heath Tearoom in Rockport. Had a lovely time with my friend Lori Lee.

Spent some Summer nights just before sunset at Horn Pond in Woburn. So peaceful there.

I had a few dessert nights instead of full blown parties in 2012.

Found a new dessert place in Providence called Pastiche. It is located in the Federal Hill area which is full of great eateries.

I left my job of 20 years. Boy that was a very hard decision. I miss my former coworkers but I am still in touch with many of them.

Tried my hand at nighttime photography with my friend Don at Nubble Light in Maine.

Finally att…