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The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

The best and the brightest students in the world attend MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge. It is a very prestigious college.

On Saturday, I attended the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch fundraiser at MIT.  Before I reached the Kresge Oval where the event was held I saw this sign. This may be Not Art but across the street there was art a plenty!

This year's event was the biggest ever. The students in the glass blowing class had created 2000+ pumpkins at the MIT Glass Labs. 5-7 students created each pumpkin.

The day could not have been more perfect as the afternoon was warm and dry. I viewed each of the small pumpkin patches. Pumpkins varied in size and color and in price. Most were under $200 and some were under $100. I did see one for $1000. These women told me they already had two pumpkins in the car and they came back for more!

What a one of a kind gift this would make. I really liked this one but it was over my budget.

And this one was going home with this youn…

The Vintage Bazaar, Salisbury, Massachusetts

The emu greeted us at the entrance to the Vintage Bazaar and he/she had a lot to say.  Probably because there was a lot going on at the Vintage Bazaar.  There was much to see and we had only a few hours to see 130 + vendors. Obviously, we weren't going to get to everyone.

It was a little cool in the morning so it was perfect for shopping. The grass was a bit wet but I didn't mind. Later in the day it was much warmer.

The displays were first rate. I have never seen such beautifully merchandised spaces in my life. Everyone had such unique booths. They were pure eye candy.

I told this woman I was giving her the best booth award. Her booth stood out from the sea of canopies. Anyone who adds a chandelier to their booth is tops in my book.

See the chandelier? Not only was the display great, the jewelry was lovely too. Nicely done.

Ooh, I really liked that chalkboard in the silver frame! Of course it caught my eye, I have a chalkboard obsession.

I love this. Christina calls herself …

Beth's Bakery and Cafe, Sandwich, Massachusetts

The first day of vacation in Sandwich, we lunched at Beth's Bakery and Café on Jarves St. It was within walking distance of the inn so it was the perfect spot for a quick lunch.

Of course, I am a sucker for any chalkboard menu so I knew I would like the place. Hmm, homemade mac and cheese, yum!

It was quite warm that day but we still sat outside on the deck. Good people watching and there was a breeze.

The café used to be a Puritan Church. My sister wanted to know if Jarves St was church row because the inn used to be a church, the café was a church and the stores down the street were formerly the first Catholic Church in Sandwich.

We both had the mac and cheese. I opted for the fruit cup instead of the salad. It was all very good.

Here's the inside of the café. Lots of goodies to choose from. We didn't have any fancy drinks or desserts.

This is the view from the deck.
One morning I walked down to Beth's for my morning coffee. They had just opened and I was the first…