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No chocolate left behind- Boston Strong Chocolate Tour

This weekend, my friends Karen, Kim and I went on the Boston Strong Back Bay Chocolate Tour. My sister and I went in on the ticket for Karen as a birthday present. My sister is not into chocolate that much so she elected to give her ticket to Kim.

We assembled at the first stop on this walking tour, Hotel Chocolat. They had prepared the tasting room just for our group of 18.

Our guide, Victoria, introduced herself and explained about the tour. She talked about the significance of this particular tour because all the proceeds from the tour would go to the One Fund. She has been a Bostonian for 11 years and she was clearly affected by the Marathon Bombings.

Victoria had us sign a poster which would later be placed at the Marathon Memorial. I loved what Victoria wrote.

Mine was not nearly as eloquent. I think I mentioned in a previous post that six people from my hometown were seriously injured in the bombings.

We all signed the poster and got to know each other. A couple from New York …

26 acts of kindness- making progress

It's been a while since I gave you a progress report on my #26 acts of kindness. I have to say I didn't do a lot of heavy lifting with these acts. For most of them I just opened my wallet but I still think I made a difference in people's lives. So here they are, acts 10-19.

#10- My friend Debbi's friend Marguerite is a kindergarten teacher in Revere, MA. Marguerite applied for a grant to create a vegetable garden at the Paul Revere School. She received the grant but needed some extra money to buy some EZ Grow Starter kits for growing plants inside. If they were to plant outside too soon, all the plants would die. So with the help of several donors including myself, they got some of the plants started inside. Next week they will transfer them to the garden outside.

I think this is so cool! 5 year olds are learning to garden and grow their own vegetables. Good luck to Mrs Guide and her kindergarten students!

#11-  This next story tugged at my heartstrings because it inv…

Picture of the Day

. Today was Mother's Day. My sister and I had lunch with my Mom at her nursing home. It was nice, we had our lunch and dessert and then we had presents.
I took this shot at lunch during a particularly silly moment.  I love this photo because my Mom is cracking up and so is my sister. Quite the candid moment.
Hope you all had a wonderful day with your families too!

Playing hooky in Exeter

There's nothing more enjoyable than taking a Ferris Bueller Day off from work and spending it in a cool New England town. Actually, I did not have to feign sickness. I had a scheduled vacation day.

My sister was on vacation from school and my friend Karen also took a vacation day. We met at Karen's new condominium which is absolutely gorgeous and we headed to Downtown Exeter.

I, of course, needed coffee right away. I didn't have any coffee or breakfast before I left the house so we stopped at Ollie's for refreshment. They sell coffees and teas and breakfast and lunch items. They had toast on the menu. 2 slices of nice thick buttery hot cinnamon toast! I was in heaven, I split an order with my sister. It was as good as I had hoped it would be.

With full bellies, we walked around the downtown area. We stopped at Reminisce, one of my favorite shops on Water Street.  A bit of silliness ensued as we tried on hats. The shop owner demonstrated how this hat should be worn.