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Exploring the coast

After we went to the tearoom we explored Rockport.  I wanted to check out some new areas. I always go down to Bearskin Neck and the dock by Motif No 1 so I decided to check out some spots off the beaten path.

We found a path to the side of an inn and walked down it to see what we could find. We found such vibrant colored flowers and a small pond and stairs used for horses way back when.

A lovely beach was across the street and this father and son enjoyed some time alone. When I was a kid I always liked looking for shells, starfish and beach glass while walking along the shore.

The day was overcast then sunny then overcast. The weather couldn't make up it's mind. No matter every day is a good day in Rockport.

We walked around some of the small streets across from the beach and stumbled upon this cute cottage. It looks like it was cut in half. Where is the other half?

There was a very old cemetery with irises bordering it.

And beach roses or rosa ragusa as well. We stopped to s…

Join me in a spot of tea?

Yesterday, I went with a friend for tea in Rockport. Hmm, afternoon tea and Rockport, two of my
favorite things.  We went to Heath's Tearoom. We had wanted to visit this tearoom for a while and now that I have some time off we decided to make the trip.

The presentation of our afternoon tea was lovely. I could not believe how much food we received!  Six tea sandwiches each.

And three desserts each. They were all delicious. I especially liked the lemon one.

The scones were warm from the oven. Oh the smell was divine! I always put lemon curd on one half of the scone and strawberry jam on the other half. I topped it off with clotted cream.

The tea sandwiches were delicious.  Egg salad on one, cucumber, ham salad and I think the other was chicken. I devoured them!

Small bites for the sweets. A perfect size after the scone and sandwiches. I think one of the cookies had ginger in it. I should have asked what everything was. They said if we came back with the group we could select our ow…

Eat, Play, Sleep

There is more to life than increasing its speed. ~Mohandas K. Gandhi

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3 weeks off

I do not start my new job until June 4th. So I have a bit of time off.  So far, I have taken power walks around the lake with a friend, met friends for coffee and lunch, participated in a little retail therapy, and signed up for a photography class.  And I've taken a few catnaps!

A friend offered me tickets to the theatre and tomorrow another friend is helping me set up my new home office. One of the perks of my new job is the opportunity to work from home. I am looking forward to it!

As you can see, I am thoroughly enjoying my vacation.

Elaine has left the building

Last Friday I left my job of nearly 20 years. The final conclusion of an emotional roller coaster of a week. The months leading up to my departure were tough. I must have changed my mind at least once a day as to whether I should leave or not, but, in the end I know I made the right decision.
My job search did not take as long as expected. I interviewed with three companies and the one that I liked best also liked me best. I will be the first hire in a new department so this is exciting. I will learn from them and they will learn from me.  I start on June 4th.
It was incredibly hard to say goodbye. Anyone who works in the same office every day knows that you spend more time with your coworkers than your family. I knew everything about my coworkers, about their kids, boyfriends, what food was their favorite, how they take their coffee, and what they did on their weekends. 20 years on the job means you share incredible highs and lows, death and illness, and plenty of happy moments and…

A Joyful Celebration

I had the pleasure of photographing a friend's daughter's First Communion last Sunday.
I love to shoot family celebrations. It's always fun for me.

If I can capture the joy of the day I feel I have done my job. I take some posed shots of course but it's those little moments that are unexpected that make for the best photos. And how can you take a bad shot when your subject is a beautiful little girl?

I asked her if she minded having her picture taken and she said, "No".  She would live to
regret that statement six hours and 450 photos later.

Her mom on the other hand was thrilled and I'd like to quote her text message to me this morning.

She wrote: These pictures are sooo awesome. I can't stop looking at them!!! You need to do this more- I never thought cookies and candles could look so pretty. And you definitely got more than one money shot.
I joked with her about the money shots. You know, what shots were the must haves of the day. They were shots …

Wedding Wow Factor- Live Event Painting

It occured to me that I have not posted one of my sister's live event paintings in a while.
This is the latest completed project.

For those of you who haven't read the other posts, my sister has a business as a live event painter. She takes her easel and supplies and she paints the event as it takes place before her. She calls it the Wedding Wow Factor.

Most of her business is for weddings but she would also attend and paint at any type of special occasion.  As you can see, she not only paints the bride and groom but the surroundings as well. She tries to get as much done as possible at the event and then puts the finishing touches to it in her studio.

I really like the cake in this painting. Imagine painting all the guests! She spends time making sure she has added all the minute details to the painting.
Many of her clients are family members of the bride or groom who wish to give a unique gift to the couple. And it is very unique, there are not many artists who do this typ…

An evening in Rockport

I was in Exeter a week ago ( see the last two posts) and I had a great time shopping at the unique stores on Water Street. While I was taking a coffee break, my sister called.  She wanted to know if I wanted to go to Rockport for dinner.  Well as you can see by my phone, the weather was very nice and warm for April so I said sure. I returned home, fed the kitties and headed out for the evening with my sister.

We went straight to the restaurant as my sister was starving. This is the entrance to Brackett's Oceanview. I love that antique sideboard by the window. I fantasize about stealing it everytime I see the piece but I really never would do it. It would fit in nicely with my condo decor.

After dinner, we walked around the downtown area. We walked past a new concert hall in Rockport. We could see straight to the stage and a harpist was practicing for her performance that night. I will definitely go to a concert there. The audience can view the ocean while watching the performance…