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Cross one off the bucket list- Waterfire Providence

One of the items on my bucket list was a visit to Waterfire in Providence. I've told many people about Waterfire and it seemed like everyone had seen it but me.

We arrived in Providence about 8:30 PM, a full hour and half late. My sister and I were supposed to meet friends at 7:00PM but we were delayed by torrential rain, thunderstorms, and believe it or not a mudslide on the highway.  The rain was so bad, roads were flooding so we decided to pull off the road and get something to eat. After the storm passed, we got back on the highway only to find a huge traffic backup. As we got close to the cause of the stoppage we saw a bulldozer removing mud that had covered almost every lane of the highway. There were branches on the side of the highway too. We thought this was not the best start to the evening but we decided to continue and meet our friends anyway.

I am so glad we did.  Waterfire was everything I imagined it would be and more. The air was cool after the storm and although …

cats and lamps

What is it with cats and lamps? Do they deliberately want to knock them over for sport?
Or do they just want to toy with me? Maybe they really have no intention of harming any lamp.

This lamp has been moved three times. It is actually too big for the tea chest where it sits in this photo.

You can just imagine this lamps fate.

Even in her pre-condo days, Molly was drawn to lamps. Oh how I miss my screened balcony! Molly misses it too.

This lamp by my bedside was removed because a cat who will not be named persisted on jumping on this table to gain entrance to the bed.

This seemed to be the safest place for this beauty of a lamp. Sadly, Oscar knocked it over and it no longer works but it is still pretty.

They may look innocent but don't fall for it. They are vicious lamp killers.

Feelin the Love

Today is my birthday. Usually I take a vacation day and do something fun but since I just started my new job on June 4th I thought I should just work. I like to make a birthday trip to Rockport and I still may do that but not today.

It was a good day at work. No one there knew it was my birthday and that's just fine with me. I like them but since I have only been there two weeks it's not enough time to form work friendships. At least not for me.

Birthday wishes flooded in from the people at my former bank. So thank you to John and Dom for nice birthday emails. John even called me to make sure I knew he sent a birthday email! And Leticia for singing Happy Birthday to me in Spanish. And Maria for a very sweet voice mail message. And Jen and Jayne for lovely birthday text messages.

Thanks to Jeanne for inviting me for a breakfast smoothie and Jayn for having lunch with me today. Jayn sent me an honest to goodness real birthday card which I received on my actual birthday. Kudos …