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The Art of Antiquing in Exeter

This post is a continuation of my last post about my daytrip to Exeter, New Hampshire.  I went to my favorite antique store in Exeter, Art N Tiques. This store is so interesting and packed to the gills with the coolest stuff. If you like to rummage, this is your happy place!

I have a blast when I go there. This was my third time visiting and it did not disappoint. I absolutely love to pick through the piles of "treasures".

This time there were lots of boxes and pieces for storage like trunks and vintage suitcases. Be still my heart! I love finding unique ways to store stuff!

This is Charlie, he is Linda the shop owner's dog.  He has to be the sweetest gentlest dog I've ever met.  Charlie was a rescue dog but Linda says she didn't rescue Charlie he rescued her. I think they rescued each other as Linda loves Charlie and Charlie clearly adores Linda.

Oh yes, the vintage suitcases I mentioned earlier.
Frames, yes!  See that gold one in the front? It came home with m…

Daytrip to Exeter, New Hampshire

I had a free Saturday so I decided to go to Exeter, New Hampshire. I love the town and there's great shopping there so off I went. 

I took so many photos I will need to do two posts,  This post is about a new store I discovered on Water Street called Reminisce.

Reminisce is a beautiful shop filled with many lovely items. I was of course drawn to the teacups and china plates. In fact, I purchased some plates. I promise to show them to you in another post.

I had a nice conversation with the owner. She worked as the manager of furniture design shop for nearly 20 years. The shop went out of business and she decided to pursue her dream of owning a shop.

At an age when many people are considering retirement, this woman is starting a new venture.
I find that admirable and very cool!

The owner told me she has always shopped flea markets and estate sales so she has the perfect vehicle for displaying her finds.

She carries some vintage clothing too. This sweet dress is from France.

I did …

Those quirky kitties

Never a dull moment in my household. Sometimes it's like having 3 kids, toddlers at that.  There's Oscar about to steal my shoe.

And Percy is where he shouldn't be. I've told him a hundred times not to sleep on the cable box.

Obviously Molly is copping a catitude. She's giving me her backside. She must not have liked something I said. It's probably about the late hours she's been keeping.

And Percy thinks he's King. He thinks he's the boss of me but he's not.

When I see them all in the same room together I think 3 cats is a lot.  But I can handle it. Most days.

Easter Recap

I'm sure you all had a busy Easter Sunday. Mine was busy too. It started with Sunday morning Mass then we had Easter Brunch at the condo.

I had the good folks at Pondview Florist in Winchester fill my Harney Tea tin with a spring arrangement to match the tablecloth. White tulips with one blue hydrangea. They did a great job!
The tablecloth was a recent purchase at an estate sale. The photo doesn't do it justice.  It is a lovely shade of pink and definitely from the 50's

My sister made a couscous salad with tomatoes, garlic, basil, and lemon juice.  It was yummy!

I made overnight baked french toast. I make it for Easter and my Wimbledon Breakfast.

A mix of old and new at each place setting. New plates used as chargers and the smaller plate is vintage and was purchased at Brissonte in North Reading.

For dessert, we had a chocolate Easter Egg cake.  It was filled with chocolate cake and chocolate mousse layers. Delish!

Next, my sister and I went to the nursing home to visit my…

Architectural detail love

I must say I do love architectural detail. If I'm driving and I spy a really ornate house I have to either stop the car to get a better look or I make note of the street for a future visit.

The other day I took a little walking tour of Winchester, it's not too far from where I live but oh so much more affluent.

This house caught my eye because of it's color and the beautiful detail at it's entrance.

Here's a closer look at the porch railing.. Love the colors.

And the trim is just magnificent. So elegant and historic looking.

This is called dental work I think and it adds some interest to the roof line.

I love a nice balcony.  This one is obviously more for show than function. Aren't those cool windows?

I've always wanted a home with turrets. It must be so beautiful on the inside too.  Maybe it has a curved window seat.

I'm into archways too. They add such grace to an entrance or porch. I would love to add some archways to my condo.

Oh yeah, another tur…