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A trip to the Bedford Village Inn

Every year after Christmas, my sister, me, and our friends Duane and Lori Lee visit the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, NH.  We have dinner, exchange presents, and then we tour the inn and view all the beautiful holiday decorations.

We sat in a lovely room with a warm glow. I ordered the pork chop with pomegranate puree, polenta, and cauliflower. It was delicious.  My sister had the halibut and Lori Lee and Duane had pasta fra diavolo.

For dessert, I had the chocolate bag, the Inn's signature dessert.  It is a "bag" made of Belgian chocolate filled with sponge cake, chocolate mousse, assorted berries and whipped cream. I knew I was ordering this before I ever entered the inn!

After we ate, we went to the various rooms to see the decorations.  There were snippets of Robert Frost poems on chalkboards throughout one of the rooms.

This chandelier had a frosty glow, so pretty!  I should steal this idea!

All of the wreaths at the inn were gorgeous. The decorations are always u…

Christmas Light Police

Every year my Sister and I like to ride around our hometown and surrounding towns and critique some Christmas light displays.  We didn't do it this year but there is still time!

I decided to visit a few houses myself and snap a photo or two to share with you.  Mind you it is more fun to be critical. For example, anyone with inflatables on the lawn gets bonus points for bad taste. And if said inflatable is deflated that's even worse.  The worst one we ever saw was an inflatable nativity scene. We found it in poor taste.

This is much nicer than an inflatable manger don't you think? Although there are lots of lights on this home I actually don't mind it.  I tend to like a simpler approach.

This home in Wakefield caught my eye.  Sometimes when a homeowner tries to outline their home with lights it looks just awful.  I think these people got it right.  Too bad I did not get it right in my photo, too blurry!

As I said I go for a simpler approach, I like a flood light on the …

Christmas in Georgetown

Georgetown?  Not THAT  Georgetown, I'm talking about Georgetown, Massachusetts.  Last night, my sister and I and my sister's friend attended a fabulous Christmas party in this lovely north of Boston town.

I have so much to tell about the party. I thought I threw a good party but this one was really fantastic.

First of all, I got invited to the party as a guest of my sister.  My sister is friends with the home owner/party hostess. You can add a number of titles to home owner and party hostess such as gourmet cook, interior decorator, etc. Jolie is one talented woman and all of her guests benefited from her talents.
I'm sorry but many of the photos came out blurry. I guess the low light made for a beautiful ambiance but not for beautiful photographs. This shot of the dining room shows how charming this home really is. It is very old, built in the 1700's old and it has many wonderful details.

Our hostess made her own garlands. She is an artist by profession and her home dec…