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A blog giveaway for the holidays

It's been a while since I had a blog giveaway so I thought this week would be the perfect time to announce one.  So here's what you get: the Victoria Magazine Holiday Bliss issue and

a set of two battery operated LED Bethelehem Lights.  I bought a Victoria magazine Holiday Bliss
for me and one for the lucky winner.

The lights look like this.  You can place them anywhere, like on a bookcase, on a tree, on a banister or a wreath.  There are endless possibilities.

I must tell you that you need to get your own   batteries.  I do not think the US Mail likes anything potentially hazardous mailed through their system.

Your led lights will be on a gold cord so you can use it for any holiday. Here are the particulars:
•Includes two light strands
•30 LED lights each
•Steady/phasing modes
•6-hour on/18-hour off timer
•For indoor use only
•Each requires 6 AA batteries
So here's what you need to do.  Become a follower of my blog if you are not already one and leave a comment on this post and tell me how you will use your lights.  Pretty easy, right?
Good luck to everyone, I will draw a winner on November 14th.


Deb said…
Very nice give-away. I am a follower and have been for awhile. I'm planning to have a table tree this year and I think that these lights would look beautiful on the tree skirt. Please throw my name into the hat. Thanks. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
Karen A. said…
Love this giveaway. I would use the lights for all holidays by threading thru the other decorations...around pumpkins in the fall. the stair bannister for Christmas, my Valentine's hearts....
Robin Larkspur said…
Lovely holiday giveaway! The Victoria Bliss holiday magazine looks so beautiful and inspiring. The lights would be perfect for our mantle, running in and around the Thanksgiving decorations of tall candles and squash and a pilgrim or two; and then for the beautiful greenery and pinecones and crystal snowflakes for Yule. I have been a follower for a long time! What will Percy do with your lights??
Rosie said…
Those lights are so pretty! I would probably use them on the upper part of my entertainment center tucked among some family photos. I was just eyeing that issue of Victoria the other day, but never bought it. Please include me in the giveaway. Thanks!
I am also a follower!
MerrieSherrie said…
This is such a nice thing to do! I would place the lights on the old wooden mantle of the stone fireplace in our little cabin. There will be pine boughs from the big trees outside and nestled inbetween the sparkling lites, fragrant pine cones. I love Victoria and could pour over it in the glow of the fireplace...Thank you for adding my name. Hugs, Sherry
What a great give away. The lights would be wonderful to win.
I would love to receive these lights. Wouldn't they be fun. I think I'd use them on my entry room table. They'd look so pretty :)
Brissonte' said…
What a wonderful offering, Elaine! Lighting is so romantic. Perhaps I will use them on my sideboard, or my fireplace mantle. So many ideas floating thru my mind. And the Victoria Bliss Holiday magazine would bring even more joyful ideas! Thank you for your beautiful blog :)
Love the lights! Please enter me in your giveaway. I've been a follower of your for quite some time now, always loving to see your posts and what you're up to. I would use the lights to showcase my Mom's gorgeous nativity set in my front window. My sister & I made the set for our mom years ago when ceramics were popular to do. They are both gone so I now put the nativity up in their memory.

Have a grand week! Hugs, Sherry

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