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The Trouble with Cats

Poor Oscar! It seems he has lost his identity as the alpha cat in the household. His tail is in a twist!

Here's the new alpha cat or so he thinks! Percy likes to throw his weight around, stir up trouble and
destroy things.

Molly is having none of that alpha cat stuff.  She hates him and she openly defies him. Makes for
some mighty tense moments in the household.

 My newish dining room chairs? I bought them almost 3 years ago when I bought the condo. Percy
had at them and...

he thought they might look better with fringe.  I disagree.  He also bit the nailheads out of the sides of the chairs.  I could not tolerate having a choking hazard in the condo so I brought the chairs downstairs to my office.  The kitties do not set foot in my office.

Oh great! Let's have another altercation. Percy can hold his own now.  He weighs more than Molly and more than Oscar too!

According to my vet, I am living with three social groups. She says they're trying to figure it out. She offered some suggestions.  Let's hope they figure it out soon!


Oh poor Oscar. You better have a talk with Percy and put your paw down once and for all
Benny & Lily
A new Bullying Bill was past in Massachusetts. Percy better watch himself!
weaverpat said…
The young one seems to have taken over! He must have a very strong personality (as well as weighing more).
Hopefully his teen-age boy days will soon be over and your household and it's furnishings can return to some sort of normalcy!
Kay Ellen said…
Ahhh they are all so cute. I hope they can all settle in and enjoy each other...You just have three different kiddos :))

Did your vet suggest Feliway? It has helped my cat Luna who tends to be grumpy and not want to share the litter box with Phineas. I have 2 plug ins but generally only need one in the room where the litter box is. I'd highly suggest buying at least 1 this week-end and giving it a try, Elaine. You can pick them up at most pet stores.
Susan Branch said…
Ha ha ha ha ... your furniture and my furniture have so much in common! Have only one kitty now, getting a new kitten soon, KNOW it's probably folly, but it can't be helped! :-)
Yikes, sounds like you could have a "cat fight" (sorry) any time!

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