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Kennebunkport continued

Two years ago, I vacationed in the Kennebunkport area.  I tried to have dinner at a restaurant called Pier 77 on a friend's recommendation but they were booked solid.  Last Thursday, I tried to eat there again.  This time I was successful.

My friend Lori Lee and I arrived there just as the sky opened up and torrential rain fell. So no photos of a beautiful sunshiny day.

Nice decor and what a fireplace! I imagine it must be so cozy by that fireplace in the Fall.

Here's a closer look.  What beautiful inlaid tile in that mantel!

Oh right, we ate there too! After all that was the point.  We both chose to go with the special of the day, fried scallops.

And the scallops were huge! They were lightly fried, not too heavy and they were so tender and delicious.

I tried again to get a good ocean shot but the rain persisted.  In fact, right after we sat down there was a loud clap of thunder followed by a spectacular lightning bolt. If only I could have captured it with my  camera, it was all …

Daytripping- Kennebunkport, Maine

The other day I looked at my attendance calendar at work and I realized I had only taken 3 of my 22 allotted vacation days this year.  If I don't use them by December 31st. I lose them.  So I decided to take one last Thursday.

I decided to go with a friend to Kennebunkport, Maine for the day.  We started out with a drive up to Stonewall Kitchens in York.  We did a little shopping and had coffee and enough breakfast to tide us over to until lunchtime.
Rain was predicted but not until the afternoon and we arrived before the rain hit.   We drove by the ocean as the sky got grayer and grayer.  I didn't mind.  I love a moody sky.

We drove along Ocean Ave, admiring all the beautiful seaside homes and wishing we knew the people who lived there.
Occasionally, we would get out of the car and explore the area.  This spot was lovely with it's wild  foliage and cool rocks.  You can see what the travel brochures mean by rocky coastline.

We enjoyed walking by and admiring all the oceanfront …

How to spend a perfect Summer's Day

Summer is the time to kick back, chill out and enjoy the nice weather.  It doesn't last long does it?

My favorite ways to spend a summer day?   Dining in the open air, oceanside.

Relaxing on a porch swing with a good summer read or a magazine sipping ice tea or lemonade.

This gives new meaning to the words Sleeping Porch. It's all about being lazy.

How about a nap under some crisp summer linens?

I do love a little cottage in the woods complete with screen porch for those cool summer evenings.

How would you spend a perfect Summer's day?

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Mercury Retrograde

I had so many miscommunications and disappointments this weekend that I figured the planet Mercury had gone retrograde.  I looked it up and sure enough, Mercury is retrograde from August 3rd until August 26th.

What does Mercury retrograde mean?   Well, I looked at and it states: Mercury retrograde gives rise to personal misunderstandings; flawed, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and trade; glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray or awry.

So that it explains it.  It started on Saturday morning.  I had my morning all planned out.  I had to do a number of errands before going to visit my mom at the nursing home in the afternoon. I was hosting a small birthday party for my Sister in the evening.

I mapped out my route for maximum efficiency, a quick stop at Pondview Florist in Winchester to place an order for flo…

photos from a first communion

Last May, I photographed a first communion. I didn't post too many of the photos since I wanted permission from the mother before I posted the photos of her daughter. I just received her approval.

The church was lovely, modern but not too modern.  It still looks like a church not auditorium like.

Sara was so pretty and a joy to photograph.  She put up with me stalking her for about 3 hours.

The children were waiting in the church basement before the procession to the upper church.  It seemed to take an eternity!

Some of the children were restless but not Sara.  She was the picture of patience.

She smiled throughout the Mass.  Her mother was pleased as Sara is a very serious young lady. The little boy next to her was very expressive.

The man at the camera store gave me a tip for photographing first communions.  "Use sports mode", he said.  You can shoot more shots per second and you won't miss anything.

He was right!

Sara was happy to be outside.  She was beaming.