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Where are the kittens?

So we've been feeding Miss Marble for almost four weeks now and there's still no sign of her two kittens that had not been rescued.  My sister and I are sharing the feeding schedule.  Miss Marble is living the high life. Eating premium cat food and sunning herself on the deck of my sister's studio. Everytime we feed Miss Marble we ask her, "Where are the kitties?" Or as my sister says, "Miss Marble, show me the kitties!" Miss Marble is keeping Mum.

The little trickster will even throw us off by heading in the direction of one house, then when she thinks we've stopped watching, she'll head in the opposite direction. I have scoured the neighborhood but no kittens!  They would be at the age where they would be tagging along with Mum.  I don't want to think that something bad happened to them.

It remains a mystery.  In the meantime, we will continue to look after Miss Marble.  She's already looking better than when we first met her.  She'…

Unique Summer Dining in New England

It's Summer in New England!  Finally after one horrendous Winter of 2011, we are seeing warmer temperatures. Time to go out and play and really have some fun. I am such a foodie, my fun always involves eating.

So here are my picks for unique dining experiences in New England.

My first pick is to dine in a lighthouse in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  Here, you can watch the video.

How about dining in a restored train?  Doesn't this look like fun? I think I might like to go on this ride through the White Mountains of New Hamsphire during foliage season although I am sure it is lovely in Summer too.  Here's the link to Cafe Lafayette.

How would you like to eat a farm fresh dinner on the farm?  Then check out the video   and their website .

Dinner in a church? Yes, the Belfry Inn in Sandwich, Massachusetts has a restaurant and guest rooms in a restored church. Here's the Belfrey Inn Bistro's website.

Wouldn't you love your very own g…

My Kitchen- Making it Personal

When I bought my condo in 2008, the kitchen looked like this.  I loved the granite countertops and the stainless steel appliances.  I was used to a galley kitchen at my old place so this kitchen was a luxury to me.

Honestly, if I were renovating I'd go for white or cream colored cabinets with a vintage feel. This kitchen was like new so of course I left it as is.  I decided it just needed to be personalized to my taste.

I changed out the fruit print curtains to a black and white toile balloon curtain.  I love the view of the neighbor's barn.  Makes me feel like I'm in the country.

 Next to the refrigerator I set up a caffeination station.  I have my large assortment of teas in the cabinet above this area.  Excuse this poor photo I used flash on it.

I put a cat rug in front of the sink.  The kitties love it.  Oscar like to sit by the fire, does he think it's real?  No he's my genius cat and he knows it's fake.

My latte mugs are right at home at the caffeination…

Let's Have Fun this Summer

The other day my sister said to me, " I want to have fun this Summer."  She is a teacher so she is out of school for a couple of months. Me? I of course will be working most Summer days although I will take a vacation day here and there and probably a week or so in August.

Her statement made me think about past Summers. When did I have the most fun? And what year was it?Who was I with and what was I doing?  Then as I reminisced, songs popped into my head. When I hear these songs on the radio (they're considered oldies at this point) it brings me right back to those days when I was young and yes carefree.

I made a new playlist based on songs that bring back memories, not all of them are  Summer memories but some are.  Like Cruel Summer by Bananarama, I was heading off to England in July 1984 when this song was popular. Every time I hear it  I think of that wonderful trip and the tumultuous romance that I was leaving behind in the States.

I had my first real romance in th…

Another birthday?

Well how can that be? It's my birthday again! Wow did the last year fly by!
Time to do some celebrating. First of all,  I took a vacation day from work so I would have the entire day to play and do whatever I wanted.  My Sister had the day off too because her last day of school was last Friday.
I told her I wanted to go for dinner in Rockport.  I wanted to see a beautiful Rockport sunset. But then the Bruins made it to the Stanley Cup finals and wouldn't you know it game seven was scheduled for the night of my birthday. So we decided to go for breakfast in Gloucester instead so I could watch the game at night.
I picked the place for breakfast, Sugar Magnolias.  This was my second trip there. I had the goatie, an omelette filled with goat cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms and maybe spinach.  Can't remember but I know it was delicious.  My sister opted for the eggs benedict with spinach.

The decor is nice and easy.  Nothing fancy but welcoming. We got there at a good time for a l…

Feeding Miss Marble

This is Miss Marble. Miss Marble is the stray kitty my sister and I have been feeding.  She is the mother of the 5 kittens pictured in this post and she is just a kitten herself.  Sorry for the poor photo but Miss Marble is quite skittish and if I moved any closer to her she would have bolted.

My sister and I have been feeding Miss Marble since the day after Memorial Day. I feed her in the morning and my sister feeds her at night or vice versa.  She gets the same premium cat food my kitties get.  My neighbor caught 3 of  Miss Marble's 5 kittens and brought them to a local vet. They all had upper respiratory problems and are on medication. Once they are well they will be sent to foster homes to be cared for until they can be adopted.

The plan is to capture the other two kittens and then Miss Marble can be rescued.  The woman from the Cat Society in town said she thinks Miss Marble is feral and is not adoptable.  We beg to differ.  She is already letting us get closer to her before …

It's so Random!

What do you do when you have some random things to blog about but not enough to fill an entire blogpost? You do a random thoughts post!

I discovered a new coffee shop in Melrose last week and I've already been there twice! Coffee. Tea and Me is located on Main Street.  What a great place. there's quite the selection of coffees and baked goods too.  Last week, I tried an Iced Viennese and this week it was an iced mocha. Both of them were so fabulous I just know I'll be back. Check it out if you're in the area!

I am enjoying my little kitty pitcher, a recent purchase. Love it's irridescence and the kitty looks like my little Percy. And I am loving the fact that it's footed.

I just took photos of another one of my sister's live event paintings.  This is for the wedding of Michele and Brian.  They were married at the Copley Plaza in Boston.

Although Percy does not seem to mind the heat...

Oscar has become a complete slug! He just wants to chill out in front of the…