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The china cabinet and fireplace

The china cabinet and the fireplace arrived! The china cabinet was moved from my Dad's house to mine. I hired the same guy who moved my furniture from my apartment to the condo and he also moved the estate sale furniture for me (the sofa and chair).

So there it is in my dining room. Isn't it beautiful? It sat in my Dad's basement since the 1960's when my grandmother moved in with my parents. My parents did not have a dining room so there was no place for it.

It was covered with a cloth but still there was quite a bit of dust and dirt on it. When I got it home I gave it a nice bath of Murphy's oil soap and it cleaned up beautifully.

I absolutely love the lock and key.

Here's another view.

I decided to decorate it for Christmas. A brass sleigh, one of my favorite pieces.

A vintage reindeer and bottle brush tree.

I was pleased to find out that three of the shelves had hooks for hanging teacups. I immediately took out my favorites and hung them up.

On to the fireplace! Ye…

Thanksgiving Dinner

We started Thanksgiving dinner with zucchini squares as appetizers.

Then we had stuffing...

and the bird of course.

Yes, there was cranberry sauce.

I made cream cheese mashed potatoes.

My sister made butternut squash.

There were family members present...

and good friends too.

Well, I had to try it all! And it was all sooo delicious!

For dessert, gingerbread cookies and a sneak peek to my Christmas soiree. Mary made a trial run with the new cookie molds I bought. The results were fantastic! Gingerbread nutcrackers and a lovely winter scene with kitties. These will be perfect for next week's party.

The impression on the cookies was crisp and clean! It took a bit of work on Mary's part.

We also had Mary's famous mile high apple pie, cookies from Clara, and lemon bread from Sheila.

It was a wonderful meal and Clara even let me keep one eye on the Patriots game while we ate dinner. What could be better than that!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Thanksgiving Plans

I hope everyone has some fun plans for Thanksgiving and the long weekend. As for me, I am going to my "Italian Mother" Clara's house for dinner on Thursday. It will be a small gathering and I'm bringing cream cheese mashed potatoes. The recipe is from one of my Susan Branch cookbooks. Yum!

When I was at the market tonight I carefully selected the potatoes and put them into the plastic bag. When I went to put them in the cart, the bag broke and the potatoes went tumbling to the floor. I laughed and a woman who observed the calamity helped me pick them up. We searched but couldn't find all of them. I hope no injuries occurred from slipping on red bliss potatoes.

This weekend I'll be getting the condo decorated for Christmas since my party is the following weekend. Yikes, so much to do. The fireplace has arrived and just needs to be assembled. And the china cabinet is coming from my Dad's house.

I am debating about the Christmas Tree. The little one, Percy, wil…

Things to do before the Christmas Soiree

I know you think it's too early to think about Christmas but I scheduled my second annual Christmas Soiree for December 4th. That is not all that far away. Yikes, there's so much to be done!

I need to make a few changes to the condo before the guests arrive on the fourth. First of all, I will have a new electric fireplace in the living room. It's supposed to be delivered on November 23rd. I am so excited to be getting a fireplace! It's mahogany color and it has a remote and it's Victorian style and it can throw heat if I want it to. I know I'm gushing but I am really psyched to have a fireplace in the condo. Don't worry I'll take photos when it arrives.

So, I can't have a gorgeous fireplace sitting next to my old cat scratched chair. Last year I threw a white sheet over the chair and called it shabby chic. This year I think it needs to go out to the curb. After the holidays, I will look for a smaller chair more in keeping with the style of my sofa.

I c…

The Turn of the Screw

I recently attended a production of "The Turn of the Screw" at the Stoneham Theatre. After my last post about Stoneham Theatre, I received the following email from Mary Curtin on behalf of Stoneham Theatre:

Hi Chatelaine,

First of all, I want to thank you for not only coming to "Gaslight", but also posting a thumbs up in your blog. That's so great!

The theatre would love for you to come join us again, along with a friend, as our guests.

I was thrilled that they saw my blogpost. I had seen the play "Gaslight" with my sister and we had given it two thumbs up. This time I wanted to see another thriller. I saw the ad in the theatre brochure and I knew "The Turn of the Screw" was the show I wanted to see. I was also given two passes by my friend Carolyn who ushers at the theatre so I invited my friend Debbi and her mother to join us. Debbi and her mom are avid theatre goers.

What drew me to this show? Set in Victorian England, a governess and two c…

A Tale of Three Kitties

So now there are three kitties in the household. Which creates a state of chaos on most days. Oscar and Percy are getting acquainted.

And they like to rough house a lot! I am always afraid Oscar will clock Percy and send him flying. But Percy can give as good as he gets. He's pretty tough.

Recently, Oscar was enjoying an unusually mild October day.

Then Percy realized the window was open!

And he looked at me for approval.

He thinks the window is big enough for the both of them.

Oh no, he's found a new toy!

And he tries to eat it. He eats everything in sight!

Including his toy mouse. We play fetch with it.

Sometimes Oscar has to hide from Percy. He gets exhausted from Percy's non stop appetite for play.

Percy takes a break too. He must have broken a sweat.

Oops, he caught me snapping his photo again.

Please don't chew on the wood!

Thinking about what mischief he can get into next.

Oh there's Molly. She's no angel either. Watch the lamp Molly! Did you notice this lamp is diffe…