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Ready for Fall

It's finally Fall, the season I wait for all year long.

For me, Fall is a feast for the senses. The beauty of the trees with all their vibrant color as seen through my camera lens. The smell of baking apples, hot spiced cider and a turkey in the oven. The feeling of my cashmere sweaters and my fuzzy bathrobe. And the cooler temperatures and the cold against my face.

I love it all and I can't wait to experience it, as soon as this awful humidity leaves the area. Estimated time of departure? Two days. Just in time for the weekend!

Live event painting

I mentioned back in April that my sister is a live event painter and most of her business involves weddings. She was hired by our friends Pauline and Scott to paint their reception.

Pauline and Scott happily posed with the finished product.

They had fun looking at each section of the artwork. Scott pointed out Heather, the maid of honor.

And Pauline enjoyed remembering the day.

Here's the section with the bride and groom and the cake.

And in closeup! If you would like more info on live event painting, contact me via email and I'll forward your inquiry to my sister.

Born to be wild

Meet Percy, the newest addition to the household. According to the vet, he is 3 months old and 4.5 pounds.

I can tell you this about him. He has boundless energy, likes to eat Molly and Oscar's food, and can run the length of the condo in a millisecond. And he is quite the scrapper as evidenced by the scratches on his nose (they have since cleared up).

Also he likes to watch football and soap operas and listen to classical music when he needs to relax. I think we will get along just fine.

Melrose Victorian Fair

Last Sunday the Victorian Fair was held in Melrose, Massachusetts. This is an annual event for the Melrose Chamber. It is held rain or shine. But we did have a tsunami date just in case. Luckily the weather cooperated.

We had a great turnout. I say we because I am a Board Member of the Chamber. My only duty this year was to be the roving photographer, a position I gladly accepted.

The Fair was a huge success and all of those who worked on the Fair should be proud. There is alot of preparation and organization involved in the Fair. Of course, the coordination rests mainly on the Chamber Director and her assistant who worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly. All the booth spaces must be marked off on Main St before the tent vendor sets up, the food vendors need electricity, the streets have to be blocked off so the police are involved, the fire department and ems personnel need to be on alert,
the kiddie rides need to be set up, well it goes on and on.

Marcy Holbrook was the…