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Oak Bluffs Inn, Martha's Vineyard

This was our home base during our stay on the Vineyard. It was my third stay at the Oak Bluffs Inn and my Sister's second.

Pretty flowers at the entrance. A welcome sight after we walked from the ferry.

We sat on this porch morning and night. Every night there was a pitcher of lemonade with mint awaiting us. And a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

I walked around the Inn and took some shots.

We stayed in the suite with the balcony in 2003.

Aren't the colors pretty?

The Inn has some great architectural elements.

Let's go upstairs to my room.

My room was #6 and my sister was in #4. I had a private bath across the hall from my room.
This is my sister's bathroom.

Here's my room. Love the armoire. Thank God for a/c. It was really hot the first two days of the trip.

My bed was extremely comfortable. I slept like a baby every night!

A delicious breakfast was laid out every morning. Cereal, bagels, croissants, fruit,
yogurt, granola, and usually a warm coffeecake plus juice, coffee and …

The Vineyard and the Obamas

The Obamas arrived on the Vineyard during our vacation. So the Obama watch was on!

The media was out in force.

We caught this reporter filing a story from Oak Bluffs, our home base.

Of course, NECN was there.

The Coast Guard patrolled the waters looking for any threats. We were there just to look for a pretty sunset.

We were not present when the cars along the shore were checked for car bombs.
Robots acted as mini all terrain vehicles. They slid under each car checking for
explosives. One of the guests at our inn showed us a photo of the robot. She'd had a conversation with a Secret Service agent and he had told her a bit about them.

Sharky's Cantina served up Obamarita's.

And this inn proclaimed support of the President.

The owner of a T Shirt shop played it smart and carried shirts for both political parties.

And he was interviewed by the media.

Last year the ladies of the Laughing Bear put some clothes aside for Michelle Obama. They picked out some things they thought she would l…

Vineyard Summer through my lens

When I go on vacation I always take the same kinds of photos. The ocean, boats, doorways, pretty houses. It gets kind of boring.

While we were on the Vineyard, my sister was looking for photos of what she calls doers. She wanted to photograph people doing things. These photos would serve as references for her live event painting business.

I thought this was a great idea. I almost never have people in my photographs and it might prove to interesting. So here are my photos of doers.

This child was just too cute. He was trying to fly a kite and I loved the joyful look on his face.

And this is the rest of the family. That's quite the camera that budding photographer has.

I took this shot of a woman and her dog in Oak Bluffs. This was one of a series of shots.

I thought the splash of pink made this photo more interesting.

Is he a doer? I don't know but he sure was cute.

This girl was very good at her job at a cupcake shop in Vineyard Haven.

Don't worry, these people were not crushed by…

Illumination Night on Martha's Vineyard

Half the fun of attending the Grand Illumination on the Vineyard is to go to the campground in the afternoon and see the preparations. So much work goes into the decorating of each cottage.

If you only attend the nighttime event, you don't get to see the true colors of the cottages and the lanterns.

I love to see parasols added to the decoration of a cottage.

They vary in shape and design.

You know I had to photograph a cottage named Two Bad Cats.

I am sure I have a photo of this cottage from my last Illumination Night.

Wow, fans, lanterns, parasols, this took a lot of time.

This one had some very interesting lanterns. I love the ones with the tassels.

Pretty pastels on some of the cottages.

Lovely gardens too!

Some cottages had vibrant colors.

Poor puppy! He wanted to go out and play but he was safer on the porch.

The party has already started. Many cottage owners and guests enjoy food and drink on their porches.

Look at the lacy scrollwork, just beautiful!

A pretty combination of colors.