Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just give me coffee in an IV

Doctors orders, avoid caffeine. He said what? Avoid caffeine? My life will end as I know it. Doesn't he know my world revolves around caffeine? Wait, does that include chocolate too? Just shoot me now!

I guess I will just have to live vicariously through the Gilmore Girls... and switch to decaf! But I'm not giving up chocolate!

(To get the full Gilmore Girl effect, shut off the music at the bottom of the page).

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Recent Finds

Back in April, my sister and I were dining at Tanner Tavern and our server Angela overheard us speaking about something, antiques, tea, I can't remember. Anyway, Angela mentioned that she had teacups and lots of antique plates that she wanted to get rid of since she wasn't using them. I told her I might be interested. I gave her my blog card and I put my cell phone number on it.

Well, about a week ago Angela called me on my cell and said is this Cafe Chatelaine? I thought it must be a blog reader but how did they get my number? Then she said she was Angela from Tanner Tavern and she wanted to come over and have me look at the items she didn't want anymore.

Here's what I chose. I did pay her but I got a good deal.

I chose this because the pattern was pretty and the teapot was a good size. Most of my teapots are on the small size.

I really liked the green accents and gold trim on these plates. I also got the matching soup tureen. It was slightly damaged.

This teacup was so pretty and the blue was a gorgeous shade.

This little bowl will be perfect for holding jam or curd at tea parties.

Likewise with this one.

Who can't use another silver tray? This one is small and could even be displayed on the wall when not in use.

Another small bowl, perfect for guest soaps.

This platter was a good size. I don't have many platters and they certainly aren't this pretty.

This plate was adorable. I loved the edging on it.

Here's a closeup of the floral pattern.

So I met Angela last weekend and this weekend I went to an estate sale in Winchester. When I entered the home I almost turned around and walked out. The smell of mothballs was overwhelming. I mentioned before I have a bloodhound sense of smell so the odor was actually stinging my nose and gave me an instant headache.

I grabbed this little plate and browsed the rest of the stuff quickly.

I bought six of these hydrangea napkins. They will go with my hydrangea glasses and teapot that I already own.

The last item I bought at the estate sale was this table cover. I put it in the common area of the condo just to spruce it up. My total cost for the estate sale items? $4.00. Not bad, huh?

Another view of the table cover.

And one more view. I didn't have time to wash it so I just sprayed it with my favorite sheet/clothing spray, Beach Days. Now the common area is not only attractive but it smells great!

I added a sunflower to the bistro set too. My sister calls this area, Van Gogh's Cafe.

After shooting all the items, my sister called to tell me there was a rainbow outside. I saw it as it was disappearing but I did manage one shot of the dramatic sky. Love those pink clouds.

I think I scored big in the past two weekends, but, perhaps I need to cool it on the estate sales for a while.

My next project is kitchen curtains. I found the perfect pair and now I just have to order them and have my friend Don put them up. Of course, you all will be the first to see them.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Perfect Timing

In less than a month, my sister and I will be chilling on Martha's Vineyard or as we call it, the Vineyard. It will be our second annual Sister's mini vacation.

And phew! Talk about perfect timing, I just found out that the Obama's will be arriving on the Vineyard on the 19th which is the very same day we will be leaving the island to head home. I have nothing against the Obamas vacationing on the Vineyard, however, I can do without the crowds, media attention and the entourage that ensues. After all, vacation is supposed to be relaxing right?

Perhaps our ferries will pass in the night.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Mystery Solved

Well the mystery has been solved. If you read the last post you know that something was amiss at the condo.

On Friday, I came home for lunch to surprise the kitties and I walked in on this.
Vivienne, my dress form, was sashaying down the hallway as if she were on Project Runaway. She sure was strutting her stuff.

And in my clothes!

Vivienne has been stealing clothes from my closet and she's been going for the good stuff

Like my opera coat. I love this and wear it only on the most special of occasions.

And my black velvet jacket! This is a holiday party staple!

And this one is the kicker! She wore my most favorite black velvet dress. I wore this to a Christmas party with a beaded black choker. You know the kind you would see on Nicole Kidman. I really felt pretty that night!

Here's a closeup of the faux fur trim. This is an off the shoulder dress with a fitted waistline and it's subtly sexy and elegant too! I bet she's stretched it out.
She's bigger than me in spots, if you get my drift.

And then the kitties told me that this is not the first time Vivienne raided my closet. They said she'd been wearing lots of my things. Like my white linen shirt from Land's End.

My grey cotton jersey I wear when I play tennis.

My lagoon blue hoodie from J Jill.

My Eddie Bauer cardigan with a cami underneath. She stretched that one out.

And this one ha, ha! She couldn't even button it! Oh duh, of course she couldn't!
She has no arms!

And throwing my black blazer over it doesn't help much.

She even got into my lingerie and she paired it with a fur wrap. Which by the way is hers. I bought it for her as a welcome present after I rescued her from the antique store that was going out of business. Some gratitude huh?

So after interviewing Vivienne's "accessories", the kitties, I gave some thought to
what I should do about the problem. In the meantime, Vivienne confessed. I didn't even have to twist her arm. Oops, that was not nice. Yup, she folded like the collapsible form that she is.

So I told her she's a lucky lady. I could have her cuffed, brought down to the police station and fingerprinted. Oops, I guess we can forget about the handcuffs and fingerprinting.

I told her they'd take a mug shot and it would not be in a flattering light.

Or from the best angle. She now understands the error of her ways. She can't just take clothes that don't belong to her. In the future, she will not steal my clothes and eventually she will buy a few outfits of her own. In her own style.

As for the kitties, they promised not to keep secrets from me again.

All is right in the household again.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Something's amiss at the condo

Something's not quite right at the condo. I can't pinpoint it but I'm getting a vibe.

He won't let on about it. Can't read his little poker face.

Speaking of Poker Face, he does resemble Lady Gaga, don't you think?

She's not talking, she won't even make eye contact. She looks like the cat that swallowed the canary.

I think these two have a secret. This requires further investigation. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, enjoy a tune from Lady Gaga. If it doesn't load automatically, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Poker Face.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet ending to the Cape Cod adventure

We're at the end of the Cape Cod posts. We ended our day in Orleans. Lori Lee had the Hot Chocolate Sparrow on her to do list so we decided to check it out. It's a coffee house/dessert place. My sister and I actually think the name is kind of creepy. To me, it conjures up images of the gulf spill pelicans only this time they're sparrows covered in chocolate. But anyway, the place itself was really cute and we didn't see one hot chocolate covered sparrow!

If we had needed a snack, we would have taken a seat and I would have tried the frozen hot chocolate. It was almost dinner time so Lori Lee bought some desserts for her cooler and we asked an employee to recommend a spot for dinner preferably on the water and specializing in seafood. She recommended the Orleans Inn.

A few right and left turns and we were pulling into the Inn's parking lot.

After spying the view, we decided to eat out on the covered deck. The weather was perfect for outdoor dining.

I opted for the clam roll and fries and ice coffee black of course!

Will you look at those fries? Just how I like them. Crispy on the outside
and soft on the inside. Such potatoey goodness!

This idyllic spot was beside the Inn. To the right, picnic tables were set up and we saw a young family enjoying their dinner there.

The hydrangeas were in full bloom and gorgeous!

Next door to the Inn was this windmill.

Lori Lee was fascinated. She loves windmills.

Aw, do we have to go home? None of us wanted to leave but it was getting late and we had a two hour drive ahead of us. Actually we're driving through Boston at this point.

Once I see the Zakim Bridge I know I'm home. A beautiful sight. And believe it or not, I actually knew the man this bridge was named for. His name was Leonard Zakim and he died too young. And that story is for another post.

If you haven't read the whole Cape Cod series, you can check out my other posts by clicking on the side bar.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marion's Pie Shop of Chatham

After the Lavender Farm, we headed to Chatham. Lori Lee wanted to visit Marion's Pie Shop. She had brought a cooler with her and she wanted to buy some sweet and savory pies to be enjoyed later.

The shop was small and charming inside and out. I opted for a frosted hermit cookie which was delicious.

If it were dinnertime I would have purchased a seafood pie. I love seafood pie and I am sure it doesn't get fresher than on the Cape.

Lori Lee is comtenplating her selections.

We parked next to this house in the lot for Marion's. I spied a german shepherd in the window and it's bark was none to welcoming. Poor baby, maybe it wanted some pie?

Park? We say "pahk" around these parts.

I just had to take a photo of this sign. Obviously, Marion has a sense of humor.

Can you believe one daytrip requires multiple posts? Next stop, Orleans.


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