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Memorial Day Weekend- a flea market, a birthday and Scott Brown

I hope you all had a nice long weekend. Did you visit a cemetery or go to a memorial service? Attend a parade or gather with family and friends?

My weekend was full. Saturday I did errands but the rest of the weekend was busy with activities. Oscar of course, relaxed this weekend.

As did Molly, no stress in my household.

On Sunday I went to a flea market in Rowley. I had never been to Todd Farm so when my friend Kim said she was going I said me too! I really like these chairs but I just bought a sofa and chair so no room for any more furniture.

This is lovely.

I love the color of these chippy paint chairs.

I would have loved to buy a steamer trunk like this but I didn't.

I am told these dogs are here often. Watching over the field of vendors from their rooftop perch.

Do you remember Pez candy? Well this vendor had a large selection of Pez dispensers.

Do you remember Charlie from my post about Art & Tiques in Exeter? Well, Charlie and Linda were checking out the goods at Todd Farm too.


Reasons to be happy at the beach

Today I was in a card shop to look for a small gift. There was a little book entitled "Reasons to be happy at the beach". The book cost $12.95. I laughed to myself. Why would anyone need to buy a book on reasons to be happy at the beach? I apologize to the book's author, but, really, are you serious? Aren't the reasons obvious? Well, they are to me.

Just looking out at the ocean whether it's sunny, raining, foggy, or by moonlight, I am happy. Calm or choppy, I just love being near the ocean.

I guess if I had to list my reasons I would focus on the ocean and everything seaside. I am not exactly a beach person or sun worshipper
So here are my reasons. They are in no particular order.

Fried shrimp, fried clams, and fries. They always taste better when eaten seaside.

That little bit of bubbly water that slides onto the wet sand.

Sea foam and white caps. I am in awe of the sea and it's power.

And sea spray. Sea spray is like a gentle tickle on your skin. It ma…

Vacation Plans

My room is waiting for me.

The reservation has been made and paid. The cat sitter is booked.

I'll be sipping lemonade on this porch in no time!

You guessed it, I'm going back to Martha's Vineyard!

I hope to visit the Gossip Girls, well that's what I call them. Actually they're alpacas, aren't they adorable?

My sister hasn't been to the Vineyard in seven years so she's coming with me. We'll see the gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluffs.

Look at the architectural detail.

There are rows and rows of cottages.

The best night is Illumination Night. All the cottages are decorated with lanterns and parasols and lights. What a sight to see them all illuminated.

This cottage is close to the Inn where we're staying.

I hope to see the sea captain's homes in Edgartown.

Tea and finger sandwiches (no pun intended), yes, of course. You just have to make time for afternoon tea.

A visit to Carly Simon's store? Absolutely. Midnight Farm in Vineyard Haven is on …