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Live Event Painting

Have you heard about live event painting? My sister is a live event painter. She is hired to attend weddings, anniversary parties, and other events and she paints the event while the event is going on.

I took these photos of her painting of her friend's son's wedding. She arrives early to the event to paint the background of the painting. This is usually the interior space of the venue.

She takes some photos while she's at the event as she always needs to put the finishing touches on the painting.

She'll ask her clients if there are certain people they want included in the painting and then she will add those who will add interest to the piece. Perhaps someone is wearing a polka dot dress or a hat and they stand out. She might add them to the painting.

Wedding paintings will of course have the bride, groom and their families and the cake.

If you would like more info about live event painting, please email me your contact info and I will have my sister contact you.

And don&…

200th post and a giveaway

It's my 200th post. I can't believe it. I finally got here. Some bloggers have reached this point in less than one year but it took me nearly two years.

The blog has evolved for sure. In reviewing my older posts, I realize I have become a very dull girl. I don't do as many posts about places I've been because I really haven't been anywhere of interest. I mean, no daytrips lately. Most of my posts are centered around my home. I also think my blog has not really grown as I had hoped. Was it because I don't post very often? Or maybe the posts just don't interest my readers. Now I try to post every other day but I am not always successful.

So I'd like to ask your opinion. What posts do you like to read? Do you like daytripping around New England with me? Or do you like posts about the condo? Do my posts about tea parties interest you? Or would you like to read more about the kitties? How about my estate sale finds? Is that of interest to you? More photos, le…

Two Sisters Antiques and Collectibles

I worked on Saturday afternoon and since I was in the area of West Medford, I decided to stop by Two Sister Antiques and Collectibles at 473 High St. I had been to the store years ago and I decided it was time to go back.

I spent at least an hour chatting with one of the sisters. Theresa used to be a banker and she's obviously passionate about antiques so we had a lot in common. She opened her shop 9 years ago and she and her sister have built an award winning business.

This chandelier would look wonderful in my bedroom. The white chandelier against the blue walls and white mouldings in my bedroom would be stunning.

I am always drawn to whimsical pieces like this little guy.

What have we here in this cabinet?

Some lovely pieces.

I asked if I could take photos and write about her shop in my blog. She said only if I said something nice. Well, I told her I don't trash anyone except for the estate sale guy and of course, Sears. Plus what could I possibly say that is negative?


The sofa and the estate sale, an intrigung tale

You may remember that I attended an estate sale in Winchester last weekend. When I posted I said I didn't buy anything. That statement was true when I posted on Saturday but then I went back to the sale on Sunday.

I liked a sofa and chair I had seen there on Saturday but I thought it was a) more than I wanted to pay and b) too big for my living room. The style was just what I was looking for so I decided to go back on Sunday and measure the sofa. I was hoping it hadn't sold. Not only was it still there but the price was cut by $150! I measured the sofa and sure enough it was smaller than the sofa I presently had in my living room.

So I bought the sofa and chair with my Visa debt card. I obviously couldn't fit the items in my car so I spoke with the estate sale company owner and asked if I could come back and pick them up. He said sure, the homeowner would be there another week but to call him to arrange a time and if the homeowner moved sooner he would call me.

When I was lea…

Melrose, Massachusetts- the new Hollywood?

This is Ben Affleck. He is at the corner of Main and West Foster Streets in Melrose. This photo was taken by a friend of a friend and forwarded to me. Last Fall, Ben was filming the movie, The Town, in downtown Melrose. The filming was done inside an abandoned bank building on Main St.

The friend of a friend was just leaving Hourglass Gifts for a Starbucks run when she "ran" into Ben Affleck. She took the shot with her cell phone camera.

This is Tom Cruise. He was in Boston last Fall to film his new movie, Knight and Day. Cameron Diaz was also filming here.

Another friend of a friend shared these photos. The photographer is a banker who was on a sales call in the building above where the filming took place.

Looks like there's going to be lots of action in this movie.

How fun it must have been to witness the filming of this scene.

Caught in the act by Tom. He was nice enough to wave. Although these Tom Cruise shots were taken in Boston, Tom did do some filming in Me…

Sears- The Bane of My Existence

Here it is, my cursed washer and dryer from Sears. Oh don't mind Oscar. He thinks his toy is underneath it.

I'll bring you up to speed on why this is the bane of my existence. In November 2008, I bought a stackable washer and dryer from Sears. I bought the exact size unit as the previous condo owner had because it had to fit into this tight spot. It's basically a coat closet.

I have to say the delivery guys were buffoons. First they got lost twice coming to the house. They had to call me for directions. When they got here, they couldn't get the unit in the closet. They huffed and puffed and mumbled to themselves. They got the hookup done but they couldn't get it totally into the closet. They tested it and it worked. They forgot to take the manual out before testing the washer so the manual got soaked and they never sent me the one for the dryer they promised I'd get.

They were so frustrated they decided they could not get the unit in the closet and they…

Estate sales and antique fair finds

Shopping at estate sales and antique fairs is a passion of mine. You never know what treasures you'll find.

Over the past few weekends, I attended an antique fair and an estate sale. I got this lace last weekend at an estate sale.

I am always on the lookout for china. I especially like teacups and small plates. I picked up these plates at the estate sale.

These will be perfect for tea parties.

I think this one is my favorite.

I thought this one was pretty too. And since it has so many colors in it, it will match up with many of my teacups.

Lately I'm into antique tins. I thought this one was sweet.

And just look at the other side of it. I got this at the estate sale. It was a good one, the sale was at an antique dealers home. Wish I could have gotten there on the Friday but as you can see Saturday was still a good day for unique finds.

This one looked all New Englandy so I bought it.

I forgot to mention I went to Sage Farm antiques right before Easter. This tablecloth was so c…

Show and Tell Friday-lamp

I am participating in Show and Tell Friday. Hosted by Cindy at My Romantic Home, you can check out other posts by clicking here.

The lamp pictured above has been in my home only one year. I have it in my hallway but it was once in the living room and in it's past life it lived in a gorgeous Victorian home in Melrose, Massachusetts.

I bought the lamp from a woman who was selling the contents of her home. She was downsizing and moving to Florida. She estimated the lamp to be from the 1950's.

It is funny how I ended up with the lamp. I was the chairperson for a charity tea which was held at the lamp owner's home. I commented about her lamp and she asked if I wanted to buy it. I knew she was moving but I had no idea she was selling all her beautiful items like the lamp, china, furniture. I lucked out that day for sure.

Don't forget to check out the other participant's posts over at Cindy's blog.

Inn By The Bandstand- Exeter, NH

If it wasn't for Sharon of A New England Life's December post, I would never have known about this Inn. Sharon stopped by the Inn at Christmas time and posted about it. After reading her post, I went online to the Inn's website and discovered they serve afternoon tea.

I decided to drive up to the Inn to check it out. If I liked what I saw, I was going to make a reservation for afternoon tea for my tea group.

The outside of the Inn was attractive and I loved the architectural detail at the entrance.

Aw, look who was at the front desk. Gizmo, the official greeter. He was the sweetest dog. He helps innkeeper Victoria with the guests.

Victoria showed me the living room. She suggested I should book this room for my tea event. I agree, this will work nicely for my group.

I love this fireplace. Tea by the fire would be wonderful in the Winter months.

The interior entrance of the Inn was lovely. Very New England with it's dark colors.

The sitting area was elegant.

Meals are se…