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2010 The Year in Review

Happy New Year to all readers of Cafe Chatelaine! I thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts. In 2011, I hope to keep it real and interesting.

This mosaic is a snippet of the years events. A holiday event (Nutcracker Tea), trip to Martha's Vineyard, a new addition to the family who was rescued from Maine.

An 80th birthday party, Molly shows off one of my antiquing finds, and Oscar claims the infamous estate sale couch.

One of my teacup finds from the Salvation Army store, numerous daytrips to Rockport and a holiday tradition of dinner at the Bedford Village Inn.

A wintry scene and one of the reasons I love living in New England, hot chocolate with friends in Harvard Square at Burdick's and my love of coffee as one of my favorite leisure time activities.

Not too many ups or downs this year. That's just fine with me!

Major snowstorm

As predicted, we got a major snowstorm in the Boston area. I know other parts of the East Coast also got hit. This is the first time I had seen the snowplow in many months. It snowed from Sunday afternoon into Monday and it was officially termed a blizzard.

Did you know you can't call just any snowstorm a blizzard? You must have the following components: snow, visibility of less than 1/4 mile, wind gusts of over 35 mph,and it has to last more than 3 hours. We had all of that and it lasted for more than 10 hours.

Boston received 18 inches of snow. Some other surrounding towns had as much as 23 inches. I think my town had less than that, maybe 16 inches? At that point, it doesn't really matter. The cleanup is massive. Our snow plow guy made at least 3 trips on Sunday and 2 on Monday to our condo building.

Last year it cost us $880. just for snowplowing. We budgeted for $1000. this year. I am glad we did. The bill for this one storm is going to be huge.

This is the back parking l…

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle

Yesterday, I started my vacation. You would hardly know it. I had 10 phone calls relating to work which really but a damper on my visit to Burdick's in Harvard Square. My friend Kim and I did get to Burdick's and ordered our hot chocolates but then my cell phone rang and every 5minutes it would ring again. The calls were all business related. It was so annoying. I did manage to pick out a few presents and brought home some dessert from Burdick's which made me quite happy.

So this morning when the sound of the snowplow awakended me, I told myself I was not going to get stressed about holiday shopping or anything else on my vacation. I did finish my shopping today and I bought all the groceries needed to make some goodies for Christmas Eve.

And then I took a break and went to the local Panera Bread. I got the best seat in the house by the fireplace and I had a cappuccino and a gingerbread cookie. And while sipping my drink, I observed other people taking a break too. A senior…

In Percy's World

In Percy's world everything is a toy. He scans the room just looking for his next plaything.

I wonder who pulled that bulb off the branch.

It's a scratch

and sniff world.

And scratch, Percy no! He thinks that's his name, Percy No.

Then he gives me the who me? Innocent look.

As rambunctious as he is, he can steal my heart when he climbs in my lap and snuggles. He is a world champion snuggler and I can never resist that face!

Christmas Gift Ideas

The older I get, the harder it is to think of unique Christmas gifts. Perhaps we could all use a little help in this area.

I think one of my favorite gifts was something I made very inexpensively. First, I bought a bunch of snow globe picture frames. Then my sister and I drove to our friend's houses and photographed their illuminated houses under cover of darkness. First of all, we didn't want them to see us and second, we needed to see the home with the Christmas lights on.

We then cut the photos to size, placed them in the snow globe frame, and voila, instant white Christmas at each person's home. Believe me, this gift will wow the recipient and they will take it out year after year to display at Christmas.

Here's another fun gift. Go to the website Rent Mother Nature and lease a goat for a friend or family member. I leased a goat for an animal loving friend a few years ago. As her gift she received a certificate of the lease, an "action" photo of the goat,…

Christmas Photo Shoot with the kitties

I decided to take some Christmas shots of the kitties. Percy loves to pose for the camera. Yup! He's on cloud nine.

I think he's pretending it's a bearskin rug and not a faux fur throw.

Oscar as you can see does not like to pose.

The first time I walked by Molly, I thought she was part of the decorations. She is my quiet kitty, not at all like her rambunctious brothers.

Maybe I should have given her a halo.

Too bad I already created my Christmas cards!

The second annual Christmas Soiree

I had my second annual Christmas Soiree on Saturday night. Just like last year, my friend Don and I lit luminarias to line the walkway. You couldn't miss the house with all that candlelight. I was a little concerned as the forecast was for a blustery night but it worked out just fine.

We placed kitty litter in cream colored paper bags then we lit white votives in glass cups and nestled them into the kitty litter. The luminarias lasted from 6:00 to midnight.

I wanted to do something different this year so I decided to have carolers sing for a half hour at the beginning of the party. My sister's group, Katfish 4 agreed to sing. They have a "real" gig next week in Andover.

I told them I wanted carolers in Victorian dress. They were nice enough to accomodate me. They sounded great and they played a variety of instruments too. The mandolin, guitar, and penny whistle to name a few.

The early party goers got a chance to hear the concert.

Two women at the right of the photo …