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Just give me coffee in an IV

Doctors orders, avoid caffeine. He said what? Avoid caffeine? My life will end as I know it. Doesn't he know my world revolves around caffeine? Wait, does that include chocolate too? Just shoot me now!

I guess I will just have to live vicariously through the Gilmore Girls... and switch to decaf! But I'm not giving up chocolate!

(To get the full Gilmore Girl effect, shut off the music at the bottom of the page).


I don't drink regular coffee anymore myself but I can tolerate some chocolate and a little caffeine once in a while. The older I get the more my body rebels against things that it once was ok with. Oh's part of growing older....~Hugs, Patti
Joyce said…
My Dr told me to give up caffeine and chocolate in May and now my pants don't zip as I am eating every thing else:-) I feel like I did when I gave up smoking and just kept eating to satisfy the craving. So bad I shut my blog down this summer:-) I will be back when I lose the weight or find my sanity.
~Kristen~ said…
Gaaahhh!!! No coffee?!?! I know it is totally psychological but I must have my morning cup every day!!! I feel for you. Definitely don't give up need at least one of the two! :-)
The Curious Cat said…
I never used to be so bothered about caffeine but when you start working in an office it helps you get through the day. Isn't that sad that we need it to get through working everyday life? Doesn't that suggest we may be a bit overworked?! :) Oh well...I like it now and it is a comfort...there are worse things to be addicted to! xxx PS I now have a craving for coffee....
Pamela said…
I feel your pain. I am trying to constantly quit coffee. It is a battle i will soon have to join. Maybe we should do a blog on this!
Pamela :)
Donna said…
Oh, I would hate to have to give up my coffee. And all this time I thought you preferred tea to coffee. Funny clip. Have you seen her in Parenthood yet? I'm hooked on that show now!... Donna

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