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Morning Rituals

We all have our morning routines and Molly and Oscar have theirs too. Actually none of us like mornings. But once we are awake...

and I mean when we are really awake and ready to set foot or paw out of bed, we head to the bathroom.

Molly immediately heads to the sink so she can have that first drink of water of the morning. That first sip is nirvana.

Oscar likes to get out of bed and then go right to his next place of rest. He usually likes the ledge by the shower where he can nap on the towel I want to use for my shower.

Molly demands chin scratches while she sits on the toilet.

The bathroom ritual is over and on to the next ritual, the morning confrontation.

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my Mother's birthday. For the last 5 years she's been in a nursing home due to a stroke, so we couldn't go out for a birthday dinner this evening. I could post a photo of her, but most of my photos of her are of a big hand. She despised having her photo taken so she always put her hand up in front of the camera. Yes, it's extremely difficult to find a photo of Mum.

I found this short video of a sunset in Humarock, Massachusetts. Humarock is where my mom spent many happy Summers in her childhood. I'm sure she would love to see this view again.

Well, she did have a nice birthday, special breakfast and lunch at the nursing home. Some snazzy clothes from the family, flowers, cards from her fellow residents and her favorite Starbucks decaf this evening. Happy Birthday Mum!

Weekend craft fairs

Today was forecast as a perfect Autumn day so I thought I would check out an outdoor craft fair in the morning. I headed out to Lexington, stopping at Peet's Coffee for cappucino and an oatmeal bar. One does need energy to walk around a craft fair, right?

The craft fair was wonderful. There were many quality vendors there. I bought a little acorn basket made of clay from the vendor at this booth. It's going to sit on my desk and hold candy, mostly chocolate. The candy is supposed to be for my customers but inevitably it will be eaten by my coworkers.

Lots of dogs out browsing with the families. This dog was huge and so cute! I'd never seen one like it. I was told it was a French Sheepdog.

This woman makes dolls of all natural organic materials. The dolls were stuffed with wool, alpaca hair or mohair. They were adorable.

No eyes or noses for little ones to choke on. These dolls are good for any age.

Even adults would enjoy one of Kathy Solomon's dolls.

These hand …

Yay, it's Fall!

Even though the temperatures are/were more Summer-like today, I feel that it is my obligation to pay homage to my favorite season, Autumn. Time to put a pumpkin on your front steps!

I took these photos last year while touring the streets surrounding my home. These are my favorite houses. I love the leaves on this lawn. My Italian Mother Clara lives here.

Mums and pumpkins, could there be anything better?

This porch is always decorated beautifully.

What can I say about this one? That tree is simply gorgeous and I love the fantastic colors of the home. Actually this home was converted to condos. I
looked at one to buy but it was too pricey for me.

I love this home with the mansard roof. The photo doesn't do it justice. The tree to the right of the home turns the most brilliant red each Autumn. Simply gorgeous.

It won't be long before the leaves are on the ground and not on the trees. I'll smell the wood stoves burning when I go outside in the evening. And the air will be cold. I&#…

Tea at the Beebe Estate

As promised, a few photos from last weekend's Victorian Tea at the Beebe Estate in Melrose, Massachusetts. I was asked to run the event for the Chamber because I had been a co-chairperson for two afternoon tea events in the community in recent years.

The Beebe Estate in Melrose was the location for the tea. Due to torrential rains the day of the tea, I did not take outside photos of the building. Here's the official website of the Beebe Estate, . The Beebe Estate is an absolutely gorgeous property and the perfect setting for a tea event.

We had many volunteers and I recruited two friends, my sister, and two co-workers for help. My company's marketing department designed the flyers to promote the event. Each guest was given a menu at the entrance to the Beebe.

We served tea sandwiches, scones with lemon curd, strawberry jam and clotted cream, and for dessert, madeleines, chocolate cookies filled with chocolate ganache, miniature fruit tarts, and lemo…

Melrose Victorian Fair

Every September the City of Melrose, Massachusetts hosts the Victorian Fair. The fair is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the local Chamber of Commerce. I am a board member of the Chamber so I am involved in the preparation of the event. This year actors were hired to give the fair some Victorian flavor.

As you can see the weather cooperated on Sunday and the downtown area was bustling. Some events scheduled for Saturday had to be postponed or cancelled. The vintage baseball game, dog show and fireworks events could not be held due to heavy rain on Saturday. The Victorian Tea held at the Beebe Estate was held as scheduled. I've saved the photos for another post.

Balloons added color to the street scene. Look at the beautiful architecture of the building in the background. The downtown area is always well maintained and postcard

These musicians drew a crowd.

Anyone want clam chowder from Turner's Restaurant? I mean chowdah. We are only 10 miles or so north of…

Reasons to Savor Autumn

Kitty is smiling because she knows it almost time for a change in season. Autumn is coming. A time for cooler temperatures, the brilliant colors of nature, and all the yummy smells and tastes of Fall cuisine.

I am participating in the Inspired Room's Fall Nesting week. I've decided to list some reasons I love Fall. Living in New England I am a little biased because I think we have the best foliage in the country. We do not have Fall colors yet so no foliage posting today.

Farm wagons filled with bittersweet.

Apple cider donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar. Might as well add hot spiced apple cider too. And Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes, orange cranberry tea, hot chocolate.

Fall decorations made with some natural elements and a lot of imagination.

I love a little whimsy in my Fall decor.

Butternut squash apple soup with creme fraiche, piping hot. Puts me in the mood for Autumn.

Autumn wreaths do double duty as candle rings. And a pashmina in those Autumnal colors of plum, orange…