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Holiday Stroll and Brunch at the Bedford Village Inn

On Sunday, I went to the Bedford Village Inn for a holiday stroll and brunch. This was the month for my friend Kim and I to pick an event for our afternoon tea group. We knew the ladies would enjoy the elegance of the inn, the fabulous cuisine and on top of that 30 local artisans selling their wares in the great hall of the inn.

The inn and surrounding property is absolutely gorgeous.

There's a charming tavern for drinks or a casual breakfast or lunch.

A sweet gazebo and a little gift shop.

There were 14 of us in our group. Here are some of the ladies outside the gift shop.

I have a thing for old keys so I was drawn to this jewelry display. The necklaces were lovely and both the keys and chains were antique. I did not buy one. They were a little too pricey.

I did buy some tea and potpourri from this vendor. She had a lovely display.

I thought this wreath was really cool.

Here's an overview of the area with the vendors. The hall was beautifully decorated.

Would you ever think o…

I'm going here...

Tomorrow, I'm going here.

Dining in the beautiful historic home of Clara where friends are made to feel like family.

We'll have some of this.

And some of this.

Ending with this.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

It Takes A Village

I bought my condo a little over a year ago and I think it's high time for me to thank everyone who made the move possible.

First of all, without the help of my friend Kim and her husband John, I never would have looked at the place. Kim went to quite a few open houses with me and she knew exactly the type of property I was looking for. She mentioned my condo search to her husband and he knew of a place he thought I would like. Well Kim and I went to the open house and we looked at each other and we knew this was the place.

I must admit the gold color of the house was off putting at first. But now it has grown on me. And since it's the only one of it's color on the street it's certainly
easy to find. I own one quarter of the house. I have a garage and 2 deeded spaces and basement space.

My old place had a galley kitchen. Yuck, I hated it! It was old and dark. This kitchen is updated and airy and I actually enjoy cooking now.

Hardwood floors with an inlay. This is the floori…

Daytripping in Boston

Today, my sister and I both had the day off from work. So we decided to spend the day in Boston. I wanted to go to the French Library to see the Paris Facade exhibit of Carol Gillott. Her blog is called Paris Breakfasts. I purchased two watercolors from Carol so I was excited to hear that she would be exhibiting in Boston.

Would you believe the Library was closed? I will have to go another day.

We walked from the T Station in the Back Bay to Tealuxe on Newbury St. Tealuxe had so many varieties of teas! My sister opted for the golden tip Assam and I had a pot of hot chocolate. We also had sandwiches.

If you need tea supplies, tea, strainers, pots, cups, this is the place for it.

We were pleasantly surprised by the autumnal colors surrounding us. We both thought it would be past peak in Boston.

I loved looking down the street and seeing multiple colors of trees.

I can't even remember the location of this monument. Was it while we were crossing Commonwealth Ave? We walked many b…