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My First Pink Saturday

Beverly of How Sweet the Sound hosts Pink Saturdays and I decided to participate for the first time. So it's all about Pink today. I will be off on a day trip to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine. So while you read my summery feeling post, I will be up in the frozen tundra of Northern New England.I'll probably be all rosy cheeked. But I am sure to have lots of tea to warm me and I will be surrounded by the warmth of my friends in the tea group. Aw, yes! I belong to an afternoon tea group. But that's a post for another time.

Don't you love that teacup? The tea inside is from Jacqueline's Tearoom in Freeport, Maine.It's actually a red tea or rooibos named Autumn. It looks pink in your cup and the flavor is heavenly!

I love these pink ballet shoes. I got them at a store called Sweetbay. A fabulous store but it's closed now. So sad!

First I put them on the table for display but then I decided they would look better hanging.

They're from England. Sometimes I put them on the outside door. I have to be careful of the elements since they're satin.

Just a little bit of pink today for my first Saturday. I'll see you all next Saturday.


Dee Light said…
Oh, I just loved your pink post!! What fun to be part of a tea group.

Have a Perfectly Pink Saturday.
suesueb said…
happy first pink saturday!! the tea and cup are beautiful and the ballet slippers just gorgeous! have a wonderful week!
Lorri said…
Happy pink Saturday! Love the teacup! I have the same set. Have a great weekend.
G. Bloom said…
Welcome and Happy Pink Saturday! What a lovely post! I have very similar china, Old country roses, I believe that's the name. Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Lisa said…
Happy Pink Saturday

Hope your enjoying your trip and your tea.

I adore the teacup and the tea sounds yummy.

Welcome to Pink Saturday!!I have met so many new blogs as well as new friends today. I love you teacup.That is something that I am trying to start
collecting when the price is right. So,far no luck.
Enjoy your day and meet alot of new blogs to visit.
Please stop by for a visit.
thestonerabbit said…
Welcome to Pink Sat!! I love your decorated ballet shoes--they look lovely in both places you shared. I just got caught up in your blog, as I see you have a soft spot in your heart for kitties,too. Last spring, I rescued our newest addition--little Twiggy. My friend and I found her--starving and just hours from dying. My amazing vets found out she didn't have any diseases, so we nursed her back to health. She is the best kitty, too, and is always near by. I haven't had a real "lap cat" in years (my other kitty follows me around, too, but typically doesn't care to be held). Anyway, your furbabies look very content!!!

Have a great Pink Sat!! Dana
Beverly said…
Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Elaine. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your friends.

A cup of hot tea would be perfect just about now. And, those ballet slippers are exquisite.
Deanna said…
Hi Elaine!
Welcome to Pink Saturday!

I would love to try that tea.

You gave me a good idea about next week's Pink Saturday..I didn't even think to post my own toe shoes!

Have a great time in Kennebunk!
Deanna :)
I can say this post was a real treat for me. Very nice pictures of pink. Looking forward to next pink saturday.
Belinda said…
I love that teacup, and the pretty PINK tea! :-) I'm addicted to tea, and can't imagine life without two or three cups each day. I stick with good old English *London Cuppa* brand, but this red/pink tea looks interesting. :-) I love the way you use the fun pink ballet slippers to decorate too...very creative.
Koleen said…
Welcome to your first "pink Saturday". I love your cup and saucer. I have been a cup/saucer collector for many years.
Welcome to Pink Saturday! So glad to have you with us. And I love your cup AND those toe shoes! I have a pair of mine I used to hang in a closet I had decorated, but I love those with the flowers in them. They are darling.

Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday!


Sheila :-)

P.S. I love Maine!
Riet said…
WElcome to pink Saturday . The balletslippers and teacup are lovely Happy pink Saturday
Kathleen said…
Welcome to Pink Saturday. Why is it that ballet toe shoes are so darn romantic, because they are. Molly and Oscar are both very good looking. Stop by my blog, and meet Mr Ming. I live in Millinocket, but used to live in Biddeford Pool, not so far from Kennebunkport.
Mimi said…
Love the pink sharing and LOVE the kitty-catty. Come see mine, they're just too cute! Welcome to Pink Saturday, isn't it wonderful?
Short and Sweet said…
Welcome to Pink Saturday and thank you for sharing such wonderful photos. I know you from Shades of Inspiration and I look at your pictures often.
Have a nice weekend.
fairiemoon said…
I love the ballet slipper with the flowers inside! What a fun idea. I think I like them hanging best, but they are so nice juxtaposed to that rustic box as well. Welcome and Happy Pink Saturday!
Erin :)
Bodil said…
Oh, I love the pink ballerina shoes.
So beatiful you have arranged with the flowers.
The teacup was so cute to.
Have a nice weekend.
Diane said…
Your PINKness is beautiful! Happy PINK Saturday! ♥ Diane
Katie said…
Happy Pink Saturday! Love the teacup (do check out my Tea Roses if you do tea with a group!).

The shoes are so romantic. Love the kitties too!
Bebe said…
Hi Elaine!
Loved seeing all your pink-treasures! Especially liked the ballet slippers ~ too pretty! I could really use some of that warm tea right about now :)
Lots of pink hugs, Bebe :)
I really like the ballet slippers and the way you use them! And such a pretty cup of tea. Also enjoyed reading about Molly and Oscar. Thank you for caring and giving poor Oscar a forever home.
RobinfromCA said…
Hi Elaine! Welcome to Pink Saturday! Can't wait to see what fabulous photos you have from Kennebunkport - the summer ones are so terrific! Glad you were able to dig out to go with your tea group!

The ballet slippers are great! Don't you just hate it when a favorite shop closes!? It happens so often these days...sigh.

Happy Pink Saturday,
debbie said…
Dixie's Whimsey said…
lovely pink posts.. two of my favorite things.. pretty teacups with tea to sip... and ballet... with that snow falling on your blog it made me think of "The Nutcracker Suite"... looking forward to seeing more of your pink saturdays!

hugs. Dixie
Happy first Pink Saturday! I love the ballet toe shoes. They are lovely. Have fun on your trip.
Sheri said…
Hello Chatelaine! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words. I love teacups and that is a beauty! The ballet slippers are divine and give me.a great idea for my goddaughter who loves dance class. Hope you had a fabulous Pink Saturday!
Sit-N-Chat said…
I can smell the tea - all the way here in the south. Pretty pink tea cups and slippers. And such a pretty home in the snow. I will come again.

God bless your Sunday.
Elaine...thank you for visiting my blog on Pink Saturday and welcome to your first! Not only do I want to tell you how much I loved the teacup (& the wonderful pink tea inside), I took the opporyunity to read back on your older posts...well err, to November(?). How interesting! You are a girl after my own heart! Great writing and photos and a wonderful depiction of New England life (spent a wee bit of time there). Just wanted to let you know that I so enjoy your blog & added myself as a follower. Hope to get to know you better as well as the kitties!!

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Linda said…
I love the idea of a "tea group". I hope you had a great time and stayed warm. Happy Pink Saturday,it was my first also. I love your ballet slippers, they are just beautiful!!
IsabellasCloset said…
Elaine, Welcome to Pink Saturday!
I love your pink ballet slippers.. I have a pair like them, I'd love to add flowers to mine, thanks for sharing yours they are so gorgeous!!!
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}
Sandi said…
Love your ballet slippers! They are too cute ! I used to collect teacups , but have since gotten rid of many of them. The tea looks wonderful Happy Pink Saturday!
gina said…
I do love the tea cup. very pretty. and the ballet shoes. great blog. Happy PS!
salmagundi said…
Great pink post!! I'm so glad so many commenters have found your blog through Pink Saturday. Have a great week. Sally
Kathleen Ellis said…
Hi! So nice to meet you...I'm a bit behind on my PINK Saturday visits...thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments and welcome!
I LOVE that teacup! I have the same one but with lavender instead of pink background. The ballet slippers are very sweet, I love what you've done with them!
Have a happy week!
Loretta said…
What a lovely tea cup! You live in a part of the world I've always longed to see...maybe one day! Happy Pink Day!
kdottiedesigns said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your little pink teacup and pink tea!

I'll be back to visit you!
Happy Pink Saturday a wee bit late.. It is sooo nice to meet you as well.. I loved your pink post.. definetly going to follow your blog..It is truly beautiful..Thanks for swinging by to see the suitcase full of pink. have a great w/k.. hugs ~lynne~
I noticed my Welcome to Pink Saturday didn't show up.. so Welcome hugs ~lynne~
Lynda said…

Welcome to 'Pink Saturday'!

The cup and saucer are lovely, but *SQUEAL*...I love the ballet shoes! I have some from when my daughters took ballet, and I am going to save your photo for inspiration to add dried flowers in mine. Thank you for the great idea.
alicesg said…
Welcome to the pink world. Oh the teacup looked so sweet and beautiful. You make good with the ballet shoes. Happy pink saturday.
Amy said…
welcome to Pink Saturday, Loved the pictures. the ballet slippers are real nice, I used to dance, and miss it.. thanks for sharing,Amy
JudyBug said…
Love it all! The tea cup is just so sweet and the tea looks yummy!
Chloe Patricia said…
Hello, thank you for visiting me earlier. I like tea, too. Hope you had a fun trip. Chloe Patricia
Welcome to pink Saturday,your post is lovely! Oh how I would love to visit New England! I so love different types of tea,thanks for sharing yours I shall have to try to find it! Happy Pink Saturday...thanks for stopping at my blog and see you next week!
Welcome to Pink Saturday. Great post! Hope to see you again next Saturday.

. said…
I'm crazy for that tea set. Wonderful.

Mary said…
I love how you displayed your ballet slippers and the pink tea set is lovely.
I would love to visit Maine again..haven't been there since the 80's when we took a schooner trip off the Coast..It was wonderful!
I scanned through your blog and enjoyed it very much.
Happy Pink Saturday!!! I'm so happy you participated.
I enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing. Love the tea cuo too.
Sarah Bella's said…
Happy first pink Saturday. Thanks for stopping by:) I love the ballet shoes.
Happy First Pink Saturday a few days late.....busy weekend for me and I have lots to catch up on in blogland! ;)

You have a lovely blog! I know New England well....and Kennebunkport is a beautiful town! I had the best lobster roll in my life there a few summers ago.

Hope to drop by again soon!
Hugs, Pat
Elizabeth said…
Welcome to pink Saturday; I'm a little late in my rounds this week. I love your ballet shoes on the door, very original.
I have a special group for those of us who live in New England. Stop by my blog and check it out.
Marina said…
Nice to meet you.
Welcome to pink saturday!
What sweet photos you posted!!!
[psst...Molly and Oscar are beautiful].
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
WOW! We seem to have a lot in common! My china is Old Country Roses and my daughter is a ballet dancer who was in her very first Nutcracker in December. Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome to Pink Saturday! Hope to see you again!
Welcome to Pink Saturday....What a beatuiful tea cup...lovely pink post..Happy Pink..katherinellen
Smilingsal said…
I love those ballet slippers. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!
Dawn said…
Oh my goodness! You are close in new england! No wonder you like the pats. Happy belated PS!
Lara said…
welcome! it's a beautiful first post!
char72 said…
Thanks for visiting my Pink Saturday. Your first Pink Saturday is beautiful.
Happy Belated Pink Saturday.
Welcome ! Love your ballet shoes.And the tea looks scrumptious !
Pink Slippers said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I love your ballet slippers and pretty teacup.
How fun to belong to an afternoon tea group.
vintagewindow said…
Happy Pink Saturday. Glad you joined. I love the pink slippers. How sweet are they? The teacup is also beautiful

Have a wonderful day

Jenny S said…
Love the ballet slippers!! Happy 1st Pink Saturday!! My grandparents used to live in Skowhegan!! I love and miss Maine!
My Artful Heart said…
Happy 1st Pink Saturday to you. I lOVE tea...and the ballet slippers with the flowers is simply gorgeous :)

Thanks for stopping by my "place", maybe we can have tea sometime!

Pink blessings to you this week,
Cori G. said…
Welcome to Pink Saturday! and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have never been to New England and have always wanted to visit. You home looks lovely dressed in winter whites and I love the pink slippers!
Have a wonderful week.
I love the pink ballet slippers! Beautiful.
So sorry I'm late, but there are so many Pink Saturday post. Thank you so much for visitin' with me at the Cottage. I adore the tea cup and saucer and slippers. That cup of tea looks so invitin'. I love all the post with the snow in it, so beautiful. Hugs, Rosemarie
CC said…
Welcome to Pink Saturday. Such wonderful pinks you have. Hope your Pink Saturday was a great one..have a lovely week.
Hello there, Happy Pinkness to you! I know you will love the Pink Saturday event. I really love the teacup and saucer. I always pickup the unusual patterns that show up at the thriftstore from time to time.

Thanks so much for visiting me! Come back soon. :0)

Queen of Dreamsz
Sweet Sage said…
the SWEETEST pink slippers I've EVER seen! :)
Michelle said…
What a great pink post!! I absolutely am in love with those toe shoes filled with flowers. My sister would love this post. I must send her over. :)
Schotzy said…
What a lovely blog! I appreciate your visit to mine and it is very nice to meet you. My daughter is moving to NE in a couple of weeks! She and her husband are so excited! I am trying to be happy for them!
Welcome to Pink Saturday. It's so much fun to meet all the new pinkies. Your name is beautiful and so are the gorgeous pink satin ballet slippers. Being part of a tea group must be so much fun. I don't know anything but the South's sweet tea. :) That sweet poochie in the pink coat in your post some time ago would be an adorable pink Saturday post. ~ Lynn
Cami said…
Welcome, welcome, welcome! I was a ballerina in my childhood and still have all of my toe shoes... Duct taped and everything! Glad to meet you!
Shirl said…
Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday. I'm still making my visits. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I love your blog, I scrolled through but must come back. Your pics of New England are beautiful. I have always been fascinated with the New England states. When we retire we plan on taking a long vacation up the coast from NY to Bar harbor . Your teacup and ballet slippers are just beautiful!
Bless you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage
Happy belated First Pink Saturday! I love the ballerina slippers and ofcourse the teacup. I am an avid tea drinker and lover of all things tea! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. pink hugs, Ellen

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