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Autumn Days

As I mentioned in a prior post, I love Autumn. It is my favorite time of year. So I decided a lunchtime photoshoot was in order. I needed to document the beauty of the season.

Peak foliage does not usually hit the Boston area until Columbus Day weekend. So I was surprised to see such early color. These photos were taken in Melrose, Massachusetts not too far from where I work.

Earlier in the day, I passed by these trees on the way to work. In addition to the beauty of the trees, I noticed 7 turkeys nearby. We are not in the country so 7 turkeys congregated in one place is something to get excited about.

So on my lunch, I went back for a turkey shoot (don't get excited, I mean shoot with a camera)
and the turkeys must have been having lunch too because they were nowhere to be found.
But the trees were there in all their glory so I started snapping away. Personally, I prefer a little green to contrast with the reds, oranges, and yellows on the trees.

Soon after I shot these photos a rains…

Fiona Rose

I just made my last car payment. Halleluia! In August 2004, I purchased a Toyota Highlander. I named her Fiona Rose. The loan payoff made me reflect over the last 4 years of our relationship, a girl and her car. Fiona is such a good companion. She is so patient. She drops me off at home at night and patiently waits outside until I start her engine each morning. She puts up with my eclectic taste in music. Van Morrison today, Nickelback tomorrow, classical music in the Fall, Christmas songs way before December. She doesn't mind when I spill my coffee on her carpet. She didn't even get upset when an entire Double Chocolate Frappucino spilled on the passenger side carpet. I saw it happen but since I was driving at the time I couldn't do much about it. She didn't flinch, probably liked the sugar rush. When an agressive driver cuts us off and I utter some words I never use in front of another human being, she does not pass judgement. It's our little secret. Fiona…

Three Day Weekend

Last week I worked seven days in a row. That's right, I am a banker without banker's hours. I worked my regular week plus I was the covering bank officer on Saturday and then the bank had a booth at the city's town day so I worked that on Sunday. By Thursday of this past week, I was a very cranky girl. So I decided to take Friday as a vacation day.

I know I shouldn't be spending money since I am buying a condo in about a month, but I figured one last splurge would be ok. I started out at the Burlington Coat Factory not sure if that's a national chain or not. Anyway, I decided to treat myself to some new bedding. I am going for an elegant yet comfortable look. I already bought a comforter set with golds and burgundys but when I got it I was disappointed. It was not as advertised. It was not soft at all and the colors weren't as vibrant as I expected. So at Burlington Coat Factory, I found a lovely comforter that looks like a crazy quilt with deep purple and lav…

Saturday afternoon

Cozy Kitty
Originally uploaded by cafechatelaine Molly is all set for an afternoon of movie watching. Her Netflix came the day before. Which one to watch first, The Amazing Panda Adventure or the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill?

A visit to Wilson Farms

Today I went to Wilson Farms in Lexington. This is the place to put you in the mood for Fall. There were pumpkins and gourds galore and colorful mums and bittersweet. The freshly made apple cider doughnuts were a big favorite. I bought six of them and I was tempted to eat at least one in the car on the way home but I didn't.

I found some items for dinner as well. Maple sage pork tenderloin with carmelized onion mashed potatoes, broccolini with garlic, and strawberry rhubarb pie. This farm is my favorite place for fruit, vegetables, flowers, cheeses, desserts, and prepared foods. One stop shopping in a beautiful setting. I love to visit New England farm stands and to support the local economy.

It was a bright sunny day in Lexington, a little humid but that's ok. This time of year we have warm days and cool nights. It was the perfect Indian Summer afternoon. Soon we'll move to crisp Autumn days, the smell of leaves burning and brilliant color on the trees. I can…

And the winner is ....

On September 3rd, I posted about buying a condo or renting an apartment and I was leaning towards renting again. The cost to buy was going to be more than renting and that was scary. I saw an apartment I loved so I was ready to sign on the dotted line. The next day I realized it would be a mistake to rent again. This really is the time to buy and there may not be another time where both prices and mortgage rates are low.

So I am taking the plunge. I am buying a 2 bedroom, 1 bath with garage condo. The unit is one of 4 in a building built in 1910. Yesterday I attended the home inspection and all is well. So it looks like I will have a new home soon. I am relying on all my faithful readers (all 3 of you) to help me with the decorating. The place is gorgeous and doesn't need any work but a guy owns it now and it's a little too masculine and modern for me. I prefer a French inspired look. Any help would be appreciated. For example, the kitchen is lovely. It has gra…

Remembering 9/11

Today I am remembering with the rest of the nation the victims of 9/11. First of all, I live near Boston and I hate the fact that two of the planes took off from our Logan Airport. On that day seven years ago, I thought I couldn't possibly know anyone who was on those planes. In the next few days, I realized I did know someone. One of our bank customers who was also our pizza delivery boy was on one of the planes. He was flying west to help his mother move. He was a college student. The pizza guy we'd seen many times in the course of a year was on one of the planes. Shocking. My sister taught at a Catholic School at the time and one of her fellow teacher's father's was on one of the planes too. A week later we found out someone from our town, a woman who had not lived in the area very long had also perished that day. On the first anniversary on our town common, a labryinth was set up. Our town was historically a shoe town So it was decided that we would set up 3000…

Dark Day in New England

You may not know it but I am a football fan. Fan as in fanatic! Yes, I would watch 8 football games in one day if I could. So you should know that today is a dark day for me and for
all of New England.

The lifeblood of our team, our star quarterback Tom Brady, is out for the season. If I see that pathetic video clip of the hit that sent his knee one way and the rest of his body the other way
one more time I will.. well I don't know what I'll do but it won't be pretty.

We are all still reeling from the Super Bowl disaster in February and everyone was looking forward to the team avenging their Championship loss. But no, about half way through the first
quarter of the first game of the season Tom Brady hit the astro turf in a heap and he's gone for the season.

Hope springs eternal though. We are hardy in New England and we will rally around our backup quarterback Matt Cassel. After all, Tom Brady started his career with the Patriots as a backup
quarterback so you just never know…

Forever Autumn

The Summer sun is fading as the year grows old,
and darker days are drawing near...I love that song Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward
of the Moody Bues. Every September, I pull out the Moody Blues Time Traveler CD and
I listen to that song every morning in my car. I probably stop listening to it around Thanksgiving.

The song is depressing but I still love it. And I do wish it could be Forever Autumn because
I am an Autumn Freak. I love the crispness in the air, the smell of wood stoves, the vibrant colors every where you look, the smells of apple, cinnamon, pumpkin! Did I tell you I make a mean apple crisp? Well it's one of my specialties.

I love sweater weather. I can cozy up in a nice soft sweater, or one of my big collar oversized sweaters that hide the fact that I've had ice cream on my apple crisp or too many
Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes that week. Speaking of clothing, I have favortie suede jackets that are special in Fall too. My dark green suede blazer is my o…

A Home For Lane

I've been dreaming of owning a home for a while now. Every Sunday I attend at least 3 open houses and usually I come away disgusted and discouraged. In my price range, I've run into my share of fixer uppers and in some cases condos that should be condemned. This summer I made an offer on one house (a lovely cape in a good neighborhood) and one condo (newly upgraded). Both offers were rejected and both properties are still on the market. So I'd given up on home ownership.

I started looking at apartments. I need to move soon because I refuse to sign a lease where I presently live. You may recall from my Starting From Scratch post that I had been feeding a stray kitty. I met Oscar on Valentine's Day and I fell in love with him. In June, I rescued him but my landlord won't let me have a second cat so Oscar is living a very nice life with his foster family. His foster mother Diane treats him as I would. She absolutely loves him and is probably spoiling him. Our agreeme…