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Michelle from Chocolate and Marmalade Tea asked me to blog 6 things about myself and she also wrote some very kind words about my blog. I enjoy reading her fun and informative blog so check it out.

I remember or sort of remember a line from the movie You've Got Mail when Meg Ryan is sitting with Tom Hanks and she says her email friend has 152 insights into her soul or something like that. Anyway, I had to think about the 6 things I'm calling insights into my soul.

So here are 6 insights into my soul. Quite the buildup isn't it?

1- I am a Starbucks addict. Since I just bought a condo, I was thinking I could save money and you know pay the mortgage by cutting out my once a day Starbucks habit. But, I think that's just wrong. This is a joy in my life. I guess it's kind of a routine and to quote my sister, "Routine keeps us sane." I might go insane without my Starbucks. Will it be a grande ice no room Americano or a no whip Cafe Mocha? I have many happy memorie…

It's Thanksgiving!

I am not cooking today so I have time to blog. My sister and I are going to the home of our "Italian Mother" today. Clara already has eight children so what's two more at the table. She is a lifesaver. Since my mother's stroke in 2004, Thanksgiving has not been the same.

Mom is in a nursing home and doing pretty well, and my dad has noontime dinner with her. The powers that be at the nursing home decided two years ago that they would institute a two guest rule for holiday dinners. That means that one of the three us would not be able to eat dinner at the nursing home on Thanskgiving. Our solution is to have dad eat with mom and my sister and I join Clara's family for their Thanskgiving celebration. After dinner, we go to the nursing home, my dad takes a break and then he spends a little time with us, then he's back to the nursing home to be with mom during the evening.

Oh well, that's the way it has to be, so we deal with it. We are very fortunate to …

What happened to Thanksgiving??

I pose the question what happened to Thanskgiving because I am really getting tired of all the Christmas hype so early in the season. It's still Fall. The most beautiful season of the year, at least in my opinion. Poor Thanksgiving gets merely a mention.

In the stores, it's Halloween and then immediately thereafter, it's Christmas! Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all. There's great food, time spent with family and friends and football! Can you think of anything better?

I saw on TV today that Walmart is open all day on Thursday for their Thanksgiving Sale. And
Starbucks is open 7AM-4PM on the holiday. I heard one barista say she has to work all day so her family has to delay their Thanksgiving meal until 5 o'clock.

Thanksgiving should be about savoring the gifts of the season. Feasting one's eyes on the rich autumnal colors on the table, enjoying the wonderful smells of the cooked turkey and the apple pie, hearing the voices and laughter of our loved o…

Cooking School

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was attending cooking school today. I signed up myself and 12 friends from my afternoon tea group for a class on Comfort Foods. The class was held at the Stonewall Kitchens Cooking School in York, Maine. Our instructor, Linda Driver, waa fabulous! She was so knowledgeable and relaxed. She interacted with us and created a cozy atmosphere on a very cold day.

The first course she made was a squash soup topped with beets and creme fraiche. Linda demonstrated how to make each course and then we all got to eat it! This soup was the perfect texture and absolutely delicious. Doesn't it look inviting?

This kitchen is too die for. Imagine having a kitchen like this one! Cooking would be such a joy!We not only learned how to make each course, we also learned some interesting tips to make cooking easier and safer.
The second course was grilled ham with fruit compote. The fruit compote consisted of pears, pineapple, apples, apricots, and honey. My tas…

Time Out

Come Saturday, I was just plain tuckered out from working and then packing up to move.. All week I had been busy at work by day and then doing a lot of heavy lifting at night.
So I decided to take it easy this weekend. The wind chill was in the teens and it was no fun
moving boxes into and out of the car. By 11 o'clock in the morning I was ready for a break.

So, I decided to go out for breakfast. Frannie's is a neighbothood breakfast place. The staff knows all their customers and the customers all know each other. It's a great place to go for a bite to eat by oneself. I decided to catch up on some magazine reading and treat myself to a cheese omelette, a hash brown patty, and a grilled english muffin.

It was toasty warm inside Frannie's and while they were preparing my breakfast, I was diving into some of my favorite magazines. I had Romantic Homes, Country Living, and Yankee which is a New England based magazine. I got lots of ideas for Christmas decorating and…

Harvest Dinner

Last night was the night of our annual Harvest Dinner, a tradition I started with my friends and family several years ago. We've had Harvest Dinners in either late October or early November for probably ten years and it is one of my favorite events on our social calendar.

I have to admit, this photo was not taken by me. I actually brought my camera to the dinner but the memory card was still home in my laptop. Hence no photos from last evening. This photo was taken from . I think it depicts the feeling of the evening.

We had the best time last night. Five of us gathered for a dinner starting with a cup of hot spiced apple cider. We dined on turkey, stuffing, gravy, cream cheese mashed potatoes, butternut squash. mini corn muffins, and for dessert, oh my. My friend Mary's unbelievable two crust apple pie with vanilla ice cream, pumpkin bread made with Stonewall Kitchen's maple pumpkin butter, and gingerbread cake.

We had soft music in the backg…


I hope you caught the title of this post. Condomonium not condominium. That's because this week's move has been nothing short of pandemonium. Welcome to my world.

The seller of my condo did not include the washer and dryer in the sale so I had to buy new ones. It took me 3 visits to the same store before I could complete my sale. I encountered
a rude salesman then an incompetent salesman. The incompetent salesman cost me time and a wasted trip to the store. The rude saleman was just plain rude. Finally I got what i wanted from them and the delivery date of Friday, the last day of my vacation.

Today was delivery day for the washer and dryer. First, the delivery men got lost. Then I watched them struggle to bring my new stackable washer and dryer into the unit. Once they were in and they were working a while, I heard their conversation but it was not in my language. Were they fighting , they were certainly not happy. Finally one called to me, Miss? It seems this washer and dryer …

New Chairs

When I move to my new condo, I will have a dining room for the very first time. This is exciting to me. I've been trying to decide on decor ever since I made the offer on the place. I am realizing as I'm packing up my belongings that my taste has changed drastically in 13 years.
That's the last time I changed addresses.

I am leaning towards a French inspired look. Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you are on a European vacation every time you come home? I can't afford a new dining room set so I am taking the existing kitchen table and four chairs and putting that in my new dining room. I bought 2 new chairs from Pier One for either end of the table. I've seen chairs mixed and matched in decorating magazines so I figured I'd give it a try. I want an elegant look for the dining room. The richness of the fabric makes it the perfect chocie for the room. The studs on the back of the chairs give it a nice finish.

I just love the colors of these chairs. Th…

Autumn's Golden Gown

Autumn's Golden Gown
Originally uploaded by cafechatelaine To borrow some words from the song Forever Autumn sung by Justin Hayward, "Through autumn's golden gown we used to kick our way. You always loved this time of year."

As you all know, I love this time of year. Today was an absolutely gorgeous Autumn day. Cold, windy, and bright. The leaves are hanging on to the trees despite the winds best efforts to knock them down. Lots of golden gowns out there today. Just beautiful!

Tonight was quite cold and I was wishing I could find my gloves. The smell of a wood burning stove stung my nose. I looked up at the sky . It was so black.with just a smattering of stars . The leaves crunched under my feet. Perfect. I am in my glory. It's Autumn. .