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All Hallow's Eve

Since I am moving, I didn't decorate for Halloween this year. At work, I have a white pumpkin container on my desk. Right now, it's filled with caramel Hershey's Kisses-yum! I always try to keep a little chocolate on hand for my customers. Talking about one's finances can be so stressful, especially nowadays. Oh yeah, I keep a box of Kleenex handy too!

Enjoy the vintage Halloween illustration. I thought this one was particularly striking and unique. Not your typical artwork depicting pumpkins or witches.

Saturday night I am attending my friend's Halloween party.. The decorations were partially up at her home last week. They were impressive. Lots of spider webs and purple mini lights. I hope to get some interesting photos to post.

Until my next post, wishing you all a spooky and fantastic Halloween!!

Bake Sale!

I was the coordinator for a charity bake sale this past weekend. The bake sale was held in memory of our friend and coworker Joanne DiPaola. Joanne wasa teller at the bank where I work. She passed away in July 2006 after fighting her cancer for 16 months. She was the nicest person I ever met.

The money raised will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We raised $1,521.

Friday the first day of the sale was Joanne's birthday. She would have been 61 years old. One of our customers bought a cake and donated it to us for our sale. She wanted the word remembering written on it. When she picked it up the word remembrance was written on it and it was spelled wrong. We decided instead of selling the cake, we would cut the cake and
each take a slice and remember Joanne on her birthday.

Here's the birthday cake in memory of Joanne.

We received a large amount of baked goods. We had 5 pies, coffee cakes, whoppie pies, apple crisps, all kinds of breads and coook…

More Fall Porches and Door Decorations

I took these photos on a visit to Salem earlier this month. I was feeling brave that day and seeing no one was home I stood on the walk and zoomed in on the wreath. I thought it looked elegant against the black door.

I liked the yellow house with the dark green door. Nice color combination. There was a lot going on with the facade. I thought it was simply beautiful. The last house had nice ironwork on the stairs. Pretty mums on the porch and fabulous columns. One more day of baking for my bake sale so another short post. I am tired from baking all day. I made double chocolate muffins, pumpkin pecan bread and muffins, and lemon squares. Tonight some friends are helping me package it all. We have some beautiful ribbons and Fall leaves to add to the containers and bags. I'll post pictures soon.

Fall Porch Drivebys II

Just a few more front doors and porches. I like the cornstalks on this one.

I love the bright colors of the mums against the brown house. Of course the leaves make it even more fall-like.

This porch is pretty so the spider isn't all that scary. But it is very cool. More tomorrow I hope. I am in the middle of baking cranberry apple crisps for my charity bake sale so I may not get to post until Saturday. I will have to play it by ear. In the meantime, if you haven't already done so, please look at the prior porch posts.

Fall Porch Drivebys

I'm continuing from where I left off yesterday. Let me share with you the fruits of my labor. It's a tough job trying to find beautiful doorways and porches to photograph. We know there is no beauty in New England in the Fall. Yeah, right! The tough job is selecting which houses to choose for there were hundreds to choose from. So here goes. This Stoneham porch is precious.
I loved the bench with the pumpkins but then I liked the steps too and the railng so I went for the wider shot.

I liked the seafoam color of this Winchester home. The featherlike thingies in the pots, and the arrangement of the fallen leaves made this one a winner in my book.
This one blew me away. Really, almost literally. The winds were kicking up by the Lake in
Wakefield. No ornamentation on the door but oh those leaves are fabulous!!!

Again, the leaves got me at hello. This side porch is so charming. I think I need a side porch!
This home is in Winchester, north of Boston.
The colors on this house are so di…

Porches on Parade

I am participating in the Porches on Parade event with the Inspired Room blog so I went out
this weekend to take pictures of doorways and porches with Fall decorations. Since I am having some technical difficulties uploading the photos, I can only post two today.

The first one I liked because of the color scheme. The color of the home goes well with the decorations.

I liked the second one because it was simple and nature had given it all the decoration necessary. Sometimes natural elemnts are the most beautiful. I find the leaves on the ground as photoworthy as the ones on the trees.
That's it for today. I'll post more tomorrow.

New Friend

Today is Saturday and I didn't have to work. I decided to get started taking photos of Fall Porches and Doors for the October 2oth upload. See the Fall Porch button to the left of this post for more info. I actually started taking door photos about a week ago. The goal is to take photos of fall decorations on porches or front doors. I've taken shots of homes in Salem, Reading, Wakefield, and Stoneham.
Today I went to Winchester, a rather affluent suburb north of Boston and the town where I was born. I knew I'd find some great neighborhoods with interesting fall decorations. I snapped some wreaths on doors and leaves on stairs when suddenly I stumbled upon a beautiful home with a lovely garden. I looked at the fence and thought oh how cute! A cat statue on the fencepost. The statue looked back at me with big blue eyes. It was REAL! The cat was beautiful and regal looking. She spied me and my camera and gave me a few sneers and then turned herself around so her back wa…

A visit to Salem

I had another day off yesterday. The weather was perfect for a drive. I was looking for interesting shopping and brilliant foliage. I found both in Salem.

I love to go to Salem. The historic homes are beautiful and I love taking photos of their architecture, some of them are so ornate. Walking down the narrow little side streets, there's always something interesting that catches my eye. During my walk, I passed by the Witch House and it made me think. I really dislike the commercialization of the whole witch trial thing. This was serious history. Let's not trivialize it. I don't like seeing witch references everywhere around the city. Maybe the tourists like it, but I do not.

My favorite shop from my travels was Sophia's. This is a cool shop. The merchandise was gorgeously displayed. All my favorite things too, like soaps, candles, jewelry, hot chocolate, pretty signs, scarfs. Oh my goodness, a visual treat. The shop had tin ceilings and tin on part…

Fall for New England

Fall for New England
Originally uploaded by cafechatelaine Continuing my love affair with Fall. I made this photo mosaic with Flickr Toys. All photos were taken in Massachusetts.

It's quite chilly tonight. A perfect Fall evening. The stars are out, the air is crisp and I think I actually smelled a wood stove burning. I'm in my happy place...

The Artsy Autumn Swap

I recently participated in my first swap. It was called The Artsy Autumn Swap and it was created by Linda Smith.

The rules were easy. We were to send our swap partner items related to the Fall Season. Within the box there should be one handmade item and one vintage item. Everyone mailed their swaps on September 22nd , the first day of Autumn. Oh, and we were supposed to keep the cost to around $20. Yeah, right! Is that possible?

I want to share with you the items I received from Valerie my swap partner. Valerie is from Louisiana .Valerie had the good sense to send several emails asking about my likes and dislikes so I followed her lead and got some good information about her.

Anyway, here's what I got! This is really fun. She typed up her recipe for pumpkin bread and made it pretty. She actually found a brand of tea I had not tried. I am a tea connoisseur after all! She sent packets of spiced cider which is my favorite hot drink in Fall. She must have read my blog. I collect little…

Impromptu Day Off

I was off from work yesterday. It was sort of unplanned. My boss mentioned that I should start taking my remaining 14 days of vacation since I can't carry them over to next year. So I decided

that Thursday's forecast looked good for leaf peeping and I started to make plans. None of my friends could take a day off on such short notice so I was on my own. I went to Pier One to check out some chairs for my new condo. I don't need them yet so I inquired about layaway. Only 10 days of free storage and I need about 30. I will have to think on that. On to Russell Farms which is just down the street.

The pumpkins were displayed outside Russell Farm in Woburn. It's very picturesque with all the flowers and colorful produce. I took some photos (note the pumpkins above) and moved on.

I headed to the Whiffle Tree Candle Company in Billerica. The property is gorgeous and during peak foliage the colors are spectacular. Yesterday, there was some color but not peak. Before I arrived at t…