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It's my Birthday!

Today is my birthday. A big one because it ends with a zero. I am sharing my celebration with my dad since it's also Father's Day. In fact, all those years ago I was born on Father's Day.

A few friends will be over in a while for cake but my big party is next weekend. So today is really just the pre-birthday.

I was in a party mood last night. I recently purchased some paper lanterns with a gift certificate from Victorian Trading Company (a gift from my sister) and I decided to hang them on my balcony. I bought a set of three but I only hung two of them. Believe me, it was plenty bright with just the two of them. I do not need anymore paper lanterns. If you read my post about illumination night, you will see why I make this statement. But these vintage look lanterns are fabulous. I love the muted colors and the floral patterns. They are perfect for summer parties. I might even hang them in my bedroom when the summer is over.
Anyway, I'm off for my pre-birthday cake and th…

Go Green

Well I was sending out my positive energy but it did not get through to the Celtics as they lost tonight. Perhaps the energy got stuck in the thick humid air hanging over Boston tonight.
Or maybe it's because mercury is retrograde and it is wreaking havoc on all communications. I did not get a chance to shoot any new stuff so I searched through old photos for green. The cow photo was taken last June. I took a garden tour of homes in Concord, Massachusetts and across the street from one of the gardens I spied these cows. They were so sweet I just had to photograph them. The second was taken at Stonewall KItchens in York,Maine. There is a great garden outside the shop and they had a display of "hay people". This one reminds me of the people in the thriller video! Anyway, I hope they make you smile.

Last Day of Seeing Red

It's the last day of the Seeing Red event. I actually took these photos yesterday at my visit to Wilson Farms in Lexington. It was sooo hot.
90 + degrees. The poor radishes had to be iced.
They were outdoors under a tent. The cherry peppers had a better spot, inside the market.

Anyway, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed seeing red this past week and I look forward to new photographic adventures for the Shades of Inspiration event. Click on the button to the left to see what it's all about. Rumor has it we'll all
go green next week. Here in Boston we're all going Green- for the Celtics! Let's go Celtics!!

Until next week, stay cool!

Caught Red Handed!

I went to Wilson Farms today and I stocked up on fruit. I love all the berries of summer. When I saw how truly red my big, beautiful strawberries were, I decided they would have to go on today's Seeing Red post. I set the strawberries on a bed of blackberries in my new white Cafe Au Lait bowl. The bowl is stark white and I thought the red would contrast nicely. I brought the bowl out to the balcony to my little bistro table along with my oh so french tea towel and I set up the still life.

I tested a few shots. Should I use the flash or not? Then suddenly my curious kitty Molly decided to get in on the act. She ate one of the beautiful long stems off the strawberries! I should not be surprised. Molly will eat ANYTHING! Rats, I was planning on dipping those berries in chocolate later!

Anyway, I caught her Red Handed and I have the photos to prove it!

Simply Red

TGIF- I was too busy at work today to find anything red. So tonight I looked through some old photos and I found this one of Nubble Light in
Maine. Every year friends of mine rent a cottage right across from the lighthouse. They stay for 2 weeks around Labor Day. My sister and I
take a day trip to visit them. We always have our picture taken right in front of the lighthouse. Same spot each year. When we look back at the photos it's fun to see how we've changed over the years, who is blonder or grayer, who gained weight. One year someone in the photo was "wearing" the little red house on their head like a hat. Now every year it's someone's turn to have their photo taken with the little red house on their head. I am looking forward to my next trip to Nubble in September. I think it might be my turn to wear the "hat".

Looking for Something in Red

I woke up late for work, I hate when that happens. Rushed around to get ready, out the door and then of course just as I was about to drive across the railroad tracks, the warning lights flashed red and the bar came down and I was stuck waiting for the train to pass. Since I was momentarily seeing red, I grabbed the camera and snapped this photo for the Seeing Red event.
Later on, since the day did not start well, I treated myself to a Starbucks Passion Fruit Iced Tea. It looked red to me as I placed it on my desk when I got back to the office. Again I reached for the camera and took a picture. I am in the photo in the background. And that's my sister, a friend, and my friend's mother who, by the way, is a second mother to me. She calls us her "Irish Daughters". Today was a minimally red day. Perhaps tomorrow I will find something wonderful in Red.

Seeing Red on Wednesday

Day 3 of Sara Duckett's Seeing Red Event and I went to my last year's photos for some Red. I hope this passes for Red, or maybe hot pink. Last year, my friend Kim and I hosted an Illumination Night party at her home. We tried to duplicate the Illumination Night they have every August on Martha's Vineyard. Gothic cottages on the Oak Bluffs side of the island are decorated with paper lanterns. First there is a band concert, then at 9:00PM all the cottages surrounding the bandstand flick on their lights and voila, the illumination begins! It is breathtaking! So Kim owns a beautiful victorian with a great porch and we hung paper lanterns all over it. I have to say our partygoers were impressed. Five years ago, I took my sister for her birthday to see the real Illumination. This August I'll go back to the Vineyard to see it again. If you ever get the chance to visit Martha's Vineyard, check out the gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluffs. You'll love it!

This made me SEE RED

My second day of participation in Sara Duckett's Seeing Red event. I took my camera with me today and although I had to work, I kept my eyes peeled for something interesting in the color red. There were, of course, plenty of American flags displayed and geraniums in pots and in gardens. Nothing really struck me.
Then I was driving back to work from lunch and I saw something that really made me SEE RED. Yes, gas is just a shade under the $4 mark where I live. So although I looked for something beautiful in red, this is what caught my eye. I wa stopped at a red light and I snapped the photo. Then I thought this is really the literal meaning of seeing red, right? So forgive me the negativity just this once. Tomrrow's another day and I will surely find something more positive in red.

I'm Seeing Red

I'm participating in Sara Duckett's I'm Seeing Red week. She wants everyone to post a picture
containing the color red. I didn't realize how partial I am to pastels and I had to really look through my photos to find one containing red. So here it is I'm Seeing Red in Philadelphia.

I snapped this photo during a business trip to the City of Brotherly Love this past April. The name of the street escapes me. Was it Spruce or Pine? I wish I could remember. It kind of reminds of Boston's own Beacon Hill perhaps that's why I was drawn to it. Anyway, it captured my attention.

I'm off to search for more red for tomorrow's post.