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Pardon my sanity in a world insane

Well, I certainly didn't expect to be absent from my blog for this amount of a time. There wasn't really anything to report so I thought it might not be very interesting to read. I decided I'll just tell you what goes on in my daily life and it is probably very similar to yours! My latest obsession is the garden at the condo.  I water the flowers for the condo garden. "My" flowers are doing pretty well under my care. I talk to them and pay careful attention to them. I get a big kick out of them when they grow tall or wide or bloom at all. Our condo garden is pretty simple. We have rhodendrons on either side of the front door, hydrangeas, lavender and asiatic lilies (purchased from QVC) and azaleas that never bloom and that is about it. Here's a look from the side of the garden.  We got a new flag this year. The other one was a bit ratty and about 10 years old. My upstairs neighbor bought it and she also bought the hanging bas

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