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Pretty Little Stoneham

We had our first snowfall of the season last Saturday. Looking out my window that afternoon, I  was enchanted by the beauty outside my condo. I hopped in my car and drove to our town common which was festively decorated for the holidays.

The First Congregational Church is historic and iconic. I have photographed it many times but it never looks more beautiful than it does during a snowstorm.

Just beyond our town common is the fire station. In 2016, we celebrated it's 100th anniversary. I love living among such history.

It was wet and cold and I decided to warm up at my favorite coffee shop, Kushala Sip, which is just across from the town common.

My plan was to warm up with a nice cappuccino and wait for the golden hour. It's the best time for photography. Of course, there was a storm going on so no golden hour on Saturday but there would be illumination from the Christmas lights on the common.

I took refuge at Kushala Sip, dried off and welcomed the warmth. The barista topped…

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