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Tea at the Inn- The Inn at Hastings Park

I'm finally posting about the Halloween Tea I attended at The Inn at Hastings Park in Lexington, MA. I know we are all onto Thanksgiving but before I move on I have to give the Inn it's due.

I read about the Inn online and I had seen a story on Chronicle, a local television show. I knew I wanted to check it out and when I heard that they were serving a Halloween Tea I knew I had to attend.

I called my sister and some friends and made the reservation. The building is in a great location on Massachusetts Avenue or as the locals call it, Mass Ave.  The entrance was welcoming and simply decorated for Fall.

The dining room was lovely. Our server indulged me and allowed me to take about a zillion photos while I waited for my party to arrive.

Here's a better view. What a great fireplace! I was pleased to learn that they serve breakfast and dinner. Did our server say I could visit for lunch? I don't remember but I do know that afternoon tea for the public is not an everyday o…

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