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Time Traveling in Lexington

It's Patriots Day weekend and this area is abuzz with activity. Events were scheduled throughout the weekend but Mother Nature had other plans. Normally, we have Paul Revere's ride, reenactments and parades, a Red Sox game and of course, the Boston Marathon.

Tomorrow a storm will roar through here bringing freezing rain and howling winds. Paul Revere won't ride, there will be no reenactment on the Battle Green or a parade, no Red Sox game. Marathon Monday will go on as scheduled. Those runners will face more than Heartbreak Hill with tomorrow's beastly weather,

Today is the 5th anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. Bostonians will never forget that day and those who were killed on that day and those who were injured are always in our prayers.

Sometimes it's just as nice to see the dress rehearsal as it is to see the real performance. In the case of a battle reenactment in Lexington, it saves me from getting up at the crack of dawn. The Battle Reenactment is …

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