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Good Night Sweet Molly

My sweet Molly went to heaven on September 5th. It was the ending of an emotional roller coaster of a Summer. Molly's kidney disease started to worsen around the 4th of July but with daily fluids she looked like she was improving. It was a short lived improvement.

Those last 2 months were spent caring for her and loving her. I am glad we had the time as I had to prepare myself for her final days. I gave her my full attention.

We were a family for 15 1/2 years and although I had hoped we could celebrate her sweet 16th birthday together, I will have special memories of my beautiful girl.

I adopted Molly from an organization called Kitty Angels. She was rescued with her mother and siblings from a trailer park in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Her original name was Little Martha but I knew that did not suit her and she became Molly.

She was the only being I knew who became more beautiful with age. One of her vets once said she had a beautiful feminine face. I have to agree, she was a stunn…

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