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Royal Wedding Breakfast Tea

I know it's been a few weeks since the Royal Wedding, but I still thought it was worth a post on my blog. A friend and I attended a Royal Wedding Breakfast tea that Saturday morning. Almost nothing gets me out of bed at 4:58 in the morning but the prospect of seeing royalty, romance, and having tea at a lovely venue certainly did the trick.

When we arrived at the Inn, the wedding coverage had already started. We quickly found our table and took a seat. We watched BBC America cover the festivities.

Wasn't that a nice moment when Prince Charles came out to escort Meghan to her waiting groom? There was a collective AWW from the crowd.

We had a choice of tea, I chose Tower of London and my friend went with the Royal Wedding tea.

Everyone looked so lovely in their hats and fascinators I had to take a photo.

See Harry and Meghan at the back of the room?  Yes, they made an appearance.

This woman won a prize for her creative hat.

Royal watching was a sport on this morning.


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