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A Sunset Salute- Tall Ships in Boston

A few nights ago, I went back to Boston to see the Tall Ships. This time it was for the Sunset Salute which was at the Charlestown Navy Yard.
 If you enjoy pomp and circumstance, military period attire, fifers, drummers, or bagpipers, this was the night for you. The Sunset Salute was quite the event.

The weather was perfect. At first, the skies got very dark and we thought we might have some rain but not one drop fell on us. Boston was at it's finest.

The gentle sound of water hitting the boats was familiar and comforting to me. I always love to be near the water and I am so fortunate to live about 15 minutes north of Boston.

I enjoy photographing all the little details of the boats and ships. Lanterns and pulleys always interest me.

I mentioned the skies got dark early in the evening and it looked downright threatening. It was also quite windy.

Fairly quickly the skies turned blue again and all was well. The USS Constitution was in drydock.

Fifers and drummers of all ages parti…

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